Question From the Management

rorschach1On a good day, the SRC records hundreds – and ocassionally thousands – of page views (we’re at 186 so far this morning; last week our high water mark was 430).  Many come from the regulars who have frequented the place long enough to have nameplates on their bar stools.  Similarly, we get lots of visits from people following links from other sites, particularly those that travel in our loose world of communications, politics, opininating, etc.  We also get a fair number of people who find us via search engines looking for specific words.

In this last category, I have been puzzled over the last week to watch the word “rorschach” become the most popular search term in the history of our blog.  Ever.

This started about two weeks after I posted a very short, not terribly interesting, piece about the movie Watchmen and some dialogue spoken by the character Rorschach.  The March 9th post originally generated a little traffic and then on the 22nd, zoom!


In less than a week, “rorschach” has eclipsed all other search terms on our site.  As Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

All of the recent traffic is coming from search engines, enough to easily make this trivial little post the most viewed one on our site almost every day over the past week.  Interestingly, though, I can’t backtrace the connection; when I look for “rorschach” on Google (or Yahoo or Ask) I can’t find us.  I’m not entirely clear who’s visiting and why and who dropped them off.  I don’t mind, but I am curious.

So, first a greeting to our pop-in visitors:  “Thanks for coming, lots of room at the bar, some nice tables in back if you’re interested.  Here’s a menu and your server will be around in a minute.”

Next, a question:  “What brings you into our saloon, stranger?  We’re a full-service establishment – if you get my meaning – but we like to know a little bit about our clientele and what they’re looking for.”

– Austin

“You People Don’t Understand…”

rorschachWhile not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, Watchmen was certainly…watchable…and it did provide an addition to my collection of great movie dialogue.  The scene comes when Rorshach, one of the Watchmen, is falsely imprisoned with many of the criminals he’d helped capture and is jumped by one of them.  After dispatching his attacker in a particularly vicious manner, Rorshach turns to the assesmbled crowd and says:

“You people don’t understand. I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me.”

When somebody asks you for an example of  “recontextualization” or “reframing the issue” I submit this is a pretty good one.

– Austin