Garbage In, Garbage Out

I recently expressed admiration for Senator Norm Coleman’s nifty use of symbolism in a campaign television ad about the good Senator dutifully taking out the garbage.

Of course, when symbolism presents itself, a satirist could always satirize the symbolism.

Is there a satirist in the house?

Imagine a television ad with the same goofy music as the Coleman ad. But this one features Al Franken in an alley wearing an orange vest and garbage man outfit.

So. Senator Norm Coleman is taking the garbage out? Good for him! What a regular guy that Norm is! Just like the rest of us!

But look, Norm forgot a bag. I wonder, what’s in Norm Coleman’s garbage?

Hey, a Congressional Quarterly article showing Norm backed President Bush 98% of the time. It’s from the year the two of them teamed up to get us in the Iraq War. Now why would Norm be throwing THAT out? Hmmm.

And what are these? Oh me, oh my. Empty cans of red ink. Maybe these are the ones he and President Bush drained while turning the national surplus into an enormous deficit. Hmmm.

And looky here. Check receipts from the Senator’s campaign contributors. Hmmm, Big Oil, Big Oil, Big Oil. I wonder why THEY like Norm so much?

Narrator: To learn how Al Franken will clean up Washington, go to

(Al Franken on the side of the truck, but this time in a senatorial suit and tie) “I’m Al Franken, and while I don’t actually dig through people’s garbage, I do approve this message. Because man oh man, Washington REALLY needs to take out the garbage.”

This isn’t a serious suggestion. But Franken has to run a less conventional campaign than he currently is.

– Loveland

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