If The Service Is Called “Twitter” Does That Make Us “Twits”?

Day Three of the Doonesbury assault on (or free ad campaign for) Twitter.


I’ve seen tweets from journalists that aren’t too far removed from Roland’s.  Rick Sanchez had an interesting exchange about his boxers a couple weeks ago, I seem to remember.

Can’t remember Edward R. Murrow waxing on about his foundationwear, but then again, most people who read this blog can’t remember Edward R. Murrow either (who’s real name, I just discovered, was Egbert Roscoe Murrow).

– Austin

Fixing the Newspaper Business or “Do I Have to Do Everything Around Here?”

to-do-listThis has been on my to-do list for a while but it keeps getting pushed downstream by other, more pressing issues.   The volume of whining – along with the complaints about the whining – has gotten so loud, though, I figured I’d better take an hour or two and get it done:

“#23: Fix newspaper business.”

Pay attention.  I’m only going to go through this once.

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