Hillary Milhous Nixon

Sorry for another Obama/Clinton screed, especially with Loveland talking about important issues in local journalism in the previous post, but when Richard Nixon speaks from the grave I have to listen. And when the media are once again giving Hillary tender treatment, I have to vent.

“I misspoke,” she said, slipping off her flak jacket and bandoliers of ammo and admitting, sort of, that she didn’t come into Bosnia in 1996 under sniper fire to bring peace to the universe, as she had said in several speeches. “So what?” she might have added. “I’ll skate out of this.” Nixon and Ron Ziegler, his press secretary, coined the phrase “misspoke” when they were lying at 90 miles an hour about Nixon’s latest trangressions. (Ziegler even said once, if I recall, “I misspoke myself,” as if he had messed his pants.) Hillary left shame behind months ago and now, in a new low even for her, grabs this Orwellian/Nixonian phrase to cover her tawdry ass when she’s caught padding her resume — again. I can’t tell whether to laugh, cry or move to Canada.

Her Nixon moment is below the fold on page 18A of today’s New York Times, and is all of six inches of type on page 9A of the Strib. The story is on the AOL sign-in screen, and leads the MSNBC website and others. And the visual truth that explodes her fairy tale is a big hit on YouTube. But compare this to the second-coming treatment of Obama’s minister. The media is still kicking that severed head around, and so is Hillary. And that was about Obama’s pastor’s words. This is about Hillary Milhous Clinton’s own words. Hers. She said them. She lied. She has consistently lied — it’s not misspeaking, it’s not forgetting, it’s not simply grabbing the wrong word in the course of speaking a million words. No, she has consciously chosen to make herself look like Joan of Arc and Gandhi by lying about her role in her husband’s presidency to make us believe she has more experience than Obama. And if the media don’t hold her accountable on this, more than is happening so far, it will show us that as a country and its media, we are still more shocked by and afraid of black anger than white lying.

David Brooks has a frightening and, I fear, accurate column in the New York Times today describing how Clinton will bring down the Democrats over the next few months. The only hope is that everyone gets so tired of her scorched-party approach that we hoot her off the national stage.

— Bruce Benidt business grants for women kind