New News is Mostly No News

Pew Research Center: How News Happens
“New Media” produces almost no new news, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Baltimore area news stories.

Pew found that eight out of 10 stories in the Baltimore area contained previously published information. About 95% of the stories with original content came from mainstream media sources, mostly newspapers. According to Pew, only 4% of the new news comes from New Media.

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New Mediavangelists

It’s one thing to understand and participate in “new media.” After all, it makes sense to experience emerging media so you learn the problems and opportunities they present for our society, markets and personal lives.

But it’s quite another to feel compelled to repeatedly advertise just how much you understand and participate in new media, and to hyperbolically promote all media that are new, simply because they are new.

You know who I’m talking about. The folks who breathlessly Tweet us to tell us that they just wirelessly secured the most revoluationary technology known to mankind, an MP3 rewinder from Brookstone!!!

What shall we call these call new media cheerleaders? Seers? Futurists? New Mediavangelists? Or perhaps…

– Loveland