Tinklenberg for Congress

I just made a donation to Elwyn Tinklenberg.  I invite you to do likewise because it’s time Representative Michele Bachmann is excused from further duty in the U.S. Congress.

Ms. Bachmann, you may recall, was “called by God” to run for Congress and was elected from Minnesota’s 6th District in 2006 in a tough, but not particularly close, race against Patty Wetterling. Since then, she has distinguished herself for chewing through staffers at a remarkable rate, for putting a “death grip” and an energetic kiss on President Bush at the 2007 State of the Union, and for an unwavering social conservatism that opposes most everything I believe in.  She has a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union and a 20% rating from the ACLU.  She opposes gay rights pretty much across the board, opposes abortion rights except for rape, incest and health of the mother and believes creationism and intelligent design should be taught as alternates to evolution.  Her Wikipedia profile is well worth a read.

In the last month or so, Ms. Bachmann has stepped up her efforts to make a name for herself.  First, she earned justifiable criticism from the Congressional Black Caucus and others for appearing to blame the housing crisis on people of color.  Yesterday, she set a new standard of scariness for calling Barack Obama “anti-American,” a political place we last visited with Tailgunner Joe McCarthy of red-baiting fame. For good measure, she suggested the need for a thorough investigation of the entire Congress to determine the true extent of anti-Americanism within the 535 members.

I strongly encourage you to watch the clip:

I went straight from there to Tinklenberg’s site to make a donation.

Up until recently, making a donation to Mr. Tinklenberg’s campaign was mostly a symbolic gesture as he was running pretty far behind Ms. Bachmann in fundraising, organization and the polls in the district.  According to the September 30th campaign reports, Ms. Bachmann has a 2.3-1 fundraising advantage over Mr. Tinklenberg and has about $1.37 million on hand versus $356,000 for Mr. Tinklenberg.

There are signs, though, that the race might be tightening. The most significant is a poll released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that puts Ms. Bachmann just 4 points ahead of Mr. Tinklenberg with 15 percent undecided.  Ms. Bachmann’s approval rating in the district is an abysmal 34 percent (although it’s better than the 18 percent approval rating for President LipLock).  The DCCC also has added the 6th District race to its “Red to Blue” program for priority assistance in the last days of the campaign.

Let’s go Blue!

– Austin

PS – Clearly I’m not the only one who found Ms. Bachmann’s performance noteworthy:  the Minnesota Independent web site reports that $120,000 has come to Mr. Tinklenberg’s campaign since her appearance on Thursday.  I guess we should hope she keeps doing interviews. short term investments fine