National Geographic Exposes Privates

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When I was a boy, I always enjoyed the naked majesty of the images in National Geographic.

Well, they’ve still got the touch. This chart from National Geographic lays bare the weakness of the conservatives’ indictment of “government-run health care.”

When you look around the globe, the naked truth is that government-run health care is much more efficient and effective than our largely private system. As National Geographic summarized:

The United States spends more on medical care per person than any country, yet life expectancy is shorter than in most other developed nations and many developing ones. Lack of health insurance is a factor in life span and contributes to an estimated 45,000 deaths a year. Why the high cost? The U.S. has a fee-for-service system—paying medical providers piecemeal for appointments, surgery, and the like. That can lead to unneeded treatment that doesn’t reliably improve a patient’s health. Says Gerard Anderson, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who studies health insurance worldwide, “More care does not necessarily mean better care.”

But true to form, their picture said it much better than their words.

– Loveland
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