Another Stool at the Bar…

Or is “another stoolie behind bars” a better analogy?

Damned if I know.  I’m still trying to get my head around it being 2010.  According to the science fiction future historical timeline, this was the year in which Dave Bowman comes back to terraform Jupiter’s Europa, there are colonies on the Moon and Mars and everyone has a nano-scaled tech implanted in their heads to augment their wetware.  Instead, we’ve got Glenn Beck, ride sharing with the Russians to the International Space Station and the iPhone.  Somehow, I feel short-changed.

But, I digress.  As usual.

My actual purpose in writing today was to introduce a new member of the Crowd, Brian Lambert.  Observant visitors will note the appearance of his “gravatar” on the left side of the page or  may have read of his imminent arrival in David Brauer’s MinnPost column over the holidays.

Mr. Lambert is one-man media band with  gigs ranging from MinnPost, where he’s one of the authors of the Daily Glean, to blogging at the Rake and MPLS/St. Paul magazine, yakking on KTLK-FM and writing for the Pioneer Press where I first met him as a media critic. Starting next week, he’ll be co-hosting a 7-9 PM show on FM107, aka “The Chick Station.”  He’s probably done more stuff I’m forgetting, but I’ll leave it to him to embroider as he sees fit.

I’m not sure when his first post will appear or the topics he’ll be writing about (not surprising since I don’t know these things about myself), but I almost always find Mr. Lambert’s musings interesting, insightful, entertaining and fun.  He’s also enjoyably snarky and gossipy about the local media scene when the spirit moves him.  In short, he’s a fine addition to our group, especially since he promised to buy the first round for everyone who makes it to our next meatspace gathering. This alone sets him apart from the rest of us.


– Austin

Photo credit:  Dick Kraus.  “Brian Lambert helps his dad shovel a heavy snowfall from the steps of their rented house in South Huntington in 1996″certified payroll nice

The DIO Index

Before the right gets a little too excited about declaring the Obama administration a failure, I’d like to introduce the “DIO Index” to remind all of us – left, right and center – that it might be just a little premature to call the game yet.

The DIO – Days in Office – is a simple ratio of President Bush’s days in office compared to President Obama’s.  The index current is over 63, meaning that as of today, President Bush held office 63 times longer than President Obama.  At the end of the over-hyped first 100 days, it will be about 29-1.


The Bush administration was remarkably efficient in screwing things up so the Obama administraiton is going to have to work hard to match their pace.  Accordingly, I would suggest our brethren on the right – as represented by Glenn “Bunker Boy” Beck and “Rush-to-Judgement” Limbaugh -that they would have a stronger case to make when the DIO gets down to around 8 or so.

We’ll update the DIO as events warrant.

– Austin

The Re-Education of Sarah

The launch of Sarah 2.0 is apparently underway.  Today, she conducted a phone interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.  I won’t reprint the entire exchange, but you can get it off of Hugh’s site if you’re interested.  The questions are softball in the extreme – much like Sean Hannity’s – and the answers are much better than anything she’s uttered since – not surprisingly – the Hannity interview.  They’re almost content-free, but at least they’re coherent.

I’m sure the McCainites are so pleased with this tactic that they’re busily arranging an interview a day with the galaxy of conservative talk show hosts.  Look for more hard-hitting interviews from the likes of Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, G. Gordon Liddy and Laura Ingraham.

– Austin emarketing fine