“Drill, Baby, Drill!”

Part of the fun of what we do as communications people is recontextualizing bits of popular culture in new and interesting ways.  Given today’s news about misbehavior in the Department of the Interior and the energy companies it’s supposed to be regulating, all of a sudden the shout out “Drill, Baby, Drill” being used at the GOP’s rallies takes on a whole new meaning.

If Team Obama is as smart as I think it is, they’ll quit debating the use of the word “lipstick” and starting talking about another example of why the GOP ticket does not represent real change and why we need less “drilling” for sex, money and favors from the people our government is supposed to be regulating.

– Austin

PS – My favorite line from the Inspector General’s report to DOI Secretary Kempthorne: “In summary, our investigation revealed a relatively small group of individuals wholly lacking in acceptance of or adherence to government ethical standards; management that through passive neglect, at best, or purposeful ignorance, at worst, was blind to easily discernible misconduct…”

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