Palin Sets a New Standard


Governor Palin – and by extension the McCain/Palin campaign – is taking us to a whole new place in politics.  Their approach to the much-anticipated interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson and to political discourse in general can be summed up very simply:

Lie when you can, bury the question with meaningless soundbites if you can’t.

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Boo-Ya! We Got Ourselves a Race

Today’s polling numbers – showing McCain/Palin leading Obama/Biden in national polls – mean that we political junkies are going to have some fun over the next fifty-seven days as the campaigns race to the finish.  National polling numbers are less important than state-by-states but we won’t see those numbers for a few more days or weeks (the campaigns certainly are, particularly in the battleground states).  Nonetheless, there’s no reason to believe those polls won’t reflect the same post-convention, Palin-driven bump.

Look for Team McCain to try to keep the momentum going by keeping their two candidates appearing together as much as possible (one reason why their campaign schedule seems to be changing minute by minute) and look for Team Obama to look for ways to derail that momentum (a Colin Powell endorsement is widely rumored).  The Obama campaign will – if they’re smart – leave the attacking of the Palin record to the media and campaign surrogates.  Instead, somebody at the posh Chicago headquarters of Team Obama has no doubt found or recreated Carville’s old sign – “It’s the Economy, Stupid” – to remind them that their message is all about the dismal state of the economy and the GOP’s (including John McCain’s) responsibility for it.

Upcoming Key Events:

Soon: Look for Obama fundraising totals for August.  Senator McCain has already announced bringing in $40 million during the month.

September 15ish: Sarah Palin interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson

September 26: Presidential debate

October 2: Vice presidential debate

October 7: Presidential debate

October 15: Presidential debate

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