LIVE: How to Twitter a Revolution

Andrew Sullivan at reports on “The Revolution Will be Tweeted.” I highly recommend reading this quick and important blog post.

Sullivan’s right..and the revolution is going on now.

But why twitter? Because the government has taken control over every other form of mass communication. But students on twitter are organizing and protesting. And students with cell phones are shooting and uploading video to show the rest of the world what the Iranian government doesn’t want us to see:

An amazing use of social media by young people who will not be held back any longer.

Oops…the Palin Foreign Policy Photo Op Backfires

Governor Palin’s trip to New York …where she is posing for “grip-and-grins” with a group of world leaders (all of whom are somewhat beholden to the continued goodwill of the U.S.) plus Henry Kissinger…. has always struck me as a mistake by Team McCain as it simply highlights her foreign policy inexperience.

In the last few minutes, however, Team McCain’s efforts to protect their vice-presidential candidate from has overreached as they briefly tried to ban reporters from even observing the meetings. Photographers only, they said.

In response to this new level of restriction, CNN – which was providing pool coverage for the TVs – responded by pulling all personnel from covering the events and pledged to not use any footage from any source from the meetings. In the face of losing their photo op, Team McCain quickly backed down by allowing a producer to accompany the photographer into the meeting.

Andrew Sullivan uses the opportunity to rant against the media’s willingness to be pushed around by Team McCain on access.

The discontent, however, is not limited to the partisan Mr. Sullivan.  ABC’s coverage of this situation reflects the media’s growing unhappiness with Team McCain’s approach to Ms. Palin’s coverage:

As she arrived for her meeting with Karzai, Palin avoided reporters who were camped out at the main front entrance of the hotel, instead pulling up in a motorcade to a side entrance and quickly sneaking inside. (emphasis added).

– Austin

PS – I wonder if Governor Palin has ever been to New York before.  Does anyone know? small business loan fine