20 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Lurker says:

    A friend passed on the URL to thesamerowdycrowd.com. Great forum, long overdue. On top of my “Favorites” list. Let’s not forget the local angles (bad journalism, god-like anchors, and holier-than-thou publishers) that leave plenty of room for savagery as well!

  2. Bob Kula says:

    Got turned on to this blog by Dave Jackson, and now it’s a must read — even though I’m enjoying it from sunny Omaha, Neb. (“somewhere in middle America”)

    Bruce, hope all is well. It’s been a long time since the Shandwick days.

    Keep up the superb content and thoughts. Great stuff.

  3. And what’s with the photo of the power lines. I vote that the members of The Same Rowdy Crowd get together for a panaramic photo sitting so we can see your bright shiny faces when we click into this blog.

    Who’s with me?

  4. Hornseth says:

    We’ve never actually been in the same room at once, Dailytri. Maybe not even the same county. But here’s the next best thing. We’re in alphabetical order.

  5. Dennis Lang says:

    Hey, I thought Benidt was buying rounds about three months ago. Typical. Or wait, did he buy rounds and conveniently forget my invitation? Sad.

  6. Dennis Lang says:

    Hey Bruce–Until Michael’s comment (above) had somehow missed yours from January 5. Bummer. Hoping we can put the Lex bar back on the future agenda–and even invite Keliher (who has been uncharacteristically on the quiet side lately).
    Meanwhile, extending Happy Holiday to all!

  7. G&A is not a journalistic endeavor, with a corresponding mission. It’s an enthusiast publication. This is the enthusiasts telling the magazine they’re not going to buy it if they don’t like the content.

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