“Just when I thought I was out…”

…along came Donald Trump.

I’m not sure how much longer I can resist the urge to write about “The Thick-Fingered Vulgarian” as Spy used to refer to him. Can you imagine what it must be like to be Jon Stewart knowing that he’s about to walk away from…all this?

Hopefully, the urge will pass. Maybe I should get a hobby. Opiates maybe.

– Austin

10 thoughts on ““Just when I thought I was out…”

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Wow! Hi Professor. Yup, Jon Stewart hung ’em up a bit too soon. And the Crowd voices would have a super party of unending revelry with these candidates and this election.
    You’re all still missed!!

  2. Jon,
    Great to see your high dudgeon energized. Imagine Trump as President: No reason to think he would change his narcissism or his uncontrollable mouthiness in dealing with statesmen from around the world. What passes for comedy now would morph into tragedy in an Era of The Donald.
    Gary Gilson

  3. Kinda irresistible isn’t it. We should saddle up the crowd again for this scrum. Washington post reports those without college ed support trumpeter at higher rate than those with college. Surprise surprise.

  4. Nope. Just had to say something…kind of like a pressure valve. The veins in my temple have stopped throbbing and I’m back in the real world.

    Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      And there once was a fetching young lass, until this very moment unsurpassed creating pure, indelible art out of the tease.

      Thanks for the hope if only ephemeral. Onward!

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