The Next, Next Big Things

OfficeWhite_House_Situation_Room_Friday_May_18_2007One of my preoccupations  is trying to guess what’s coming down the road.  This is an activity of both personal and professional interest and is pretty much what you might expect from a guy whose office sucks more electricity than the White House Situation Room.

I mean, really, we’re a global superpower and we expect the President to run it with what looks like maybe 10 monitors?  I bet the Chinese have a cool Sit Room.

But I digress.

What’s next for technology and those of us who depend on it for our livelihood and – increasingly – swim in its ubiquitous fog 24/7.  This morning I read a really thought-provoking post on that topic: “20 Tech trends That Will Define 2013” as selected by the folks at Frog, the design shop that helped Apple and others come up with the form and function of some of their iconic products.  It is highly recommended if you want to know what the folks who live 30 minutes in the future have planned for the rest of us.  Personally, I’m looking forward to it.

Happy holidays to all.  If this post gives you the urge to give your loved ones the gift of technology this season, I highly recommend checking on one of the many gadget sites on this list.  If it inspired you to give the gift of technology to me, I’m lusting after but haven’t been able to yet justify the purchase of a Windows Surface tablet.

– Austin

12 thoughts on “The Next, Next Big Things

  1. Expatriate says:

    Now, then. It is tempting to chide Brother Austin for this preposterous, NORAD-esque gadget-bunker of his. But I won’t, because each time I visit he bequeaths to me, like a post-modern Percy Ross, something from his sizable pile of oh-so-six-months-ago tech detritus. And and I don’t want to harsh my supply.

    (That first-gen Flip gave out pretty quick, Jon, must say, But the mini-tripod is still in the regular rotation of my budding photo-journalist daughter.)

  2. Joe Loveland says:

    Jon and I share the same IT guy. Needless to say, mono-screen me is much less popular.

    I also let Jon buy my affection with obsolete electronics. I’m still using the first generation (2007) Kindle he cast off to me in mid-2007. I wonder how many e-readers Jon has had since then.

    Everytime I see that office, I picture Jon’s eyes evolving into fly eyes, with a composite mosaic of lenses that can take in all of that stimulation at once.

  3. Minnesotan says:

    Jon’s office looks like something you might see in the new show Doomsday Preppers!

    Just for fun he should have Matrix-style screensavers.

  4. Hey, what goes on here? The only thing Austin ever gave me was – well, I guess I shouldn’t say in writing or I might get sued for libel.

    But, yes. He should get the Windows tablet (which Oprah endorsed from her iPad, swear to God) because his office looks aged without it.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Really, what is this? I’m almost a charter member–calling his tome to end of newpapers and therefore the final suffocation of the oxygen that powers democracy of a few years ago (or so I recall) worthy of paper and actual ink, and never once had an invitation to the Austin Compound, let alone a gift of obsolete techonology. Nice!

      1. Mr. Lang, you would be most welcome in the Command Center. My only concern is to make sure you’re not of procreating age as the radiation dosage is pretty high.

        – Austin

    2. PM says:

      Yeah, I’m kind of feeling left out here as well! Where’s the love, Jon?

      (and I’m kind of understanding why your attic is no longer quite so cluttered…)

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