William Souder’s “On a Farther Shore” Scores NYTimes Nod

Congratulations to our very Rowdy William Souder whose biography of Rachel Carson, On a Farther Shore, has been named to the “100 Notable Books of 2012” by the New York Times.

What a nice acknowledgment for our friend of a job well done.

Author and reviewer Elizabeth Royte calls Williams’s writing “absorbing.” Here’s part of her summary:

In Souder’s telling, almost every aspect of Carson’s life and times becomes captivating: her difficult personal circumstances (she grew up in rural poverty, was the sole breadwinner in her family and battled breast cancer while writing and then defending “Silent Spring”); the publishing milieu; and the continuing friction between those who would preserve nature versus those who would bend it to provide utility for man.

Sources also tell me Bill will be on C-SPAN’s “Book TV” this Saturday, Dec. 1, at 6 p.m. our time. (And, no, I am not his press agent.)

How cool is this all? Way cool. Nicely played, Master Souder.

12 thoughts on “William Souder’s “On a Farther Shore” Scores NYTimes Nod

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the info. It really is a stunning achievement. Congratulations again to Mr. Souder.

  2. bertram jr. says:

    “On a Farther Jersey Shore” could be your post-Sandy follow-up?

    Any hoo, will you be gifting a copy at the FOJ Xmas party?

  3. Also … this just in … from Slate …

    On a Farther Shore, by William Souder
    Recommended by Laura Helmuth, science and health editor
    You may think you really ought to know more about the origins of the environmental movement and the life of its patron saint. Sure, of course you ought to. You like clean air and water and birds, right? But On a Farther Shore, William Souder’s biography of Rachel Carson, is not a chore or a lesson. It’s a delightful, fascinating, engrossing read about some of the most important insights of modern science. You’ll find yourself thinking about Carson whenever you take a walk in the woods or get trapped in an argument about how environmentalists are killing kids in Africa.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Only a rumor, but on the street there’s talk of a celebratory cocktail bash at the Souder mansion this holiday season open to all Rowdies (casual dress okay).

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Of course. As it should be. Invitation on this site to be forthcoming–or so says the scuttlebut.

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