I Didn’t Much Feel Like Working Today, So…

…band mashups I’d like to see/hear. I’m sure someone has already done this somewhere, so I purposely didn’t do a search. I prefer to be an ignorant pioneer than an informed follower. There seems an infinite number of these, so a free copy of Joe Loveland’s new book titled Wry Not: a collection of blog posts in printed form requiring no additional work to anyone that adds to this list. As always, no rules.

Young MC5



Barry White Stripes

Young MC5

De La Soul Asylum

Three Dog Night Ranger

Average White Band of Skulls

Luscious Jackson Browne

QuietDrive by Truckers

Sammy HaGarbage

LuLucinda Williams

Duran DuRancid

Rolling Stones Temple Pilots

Color Me Baddfinger

The English Beatles

The Big Wu Tang Clan

No Doubtlaws

The Blind Boys of Alabama Shakes

Electric Light Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (ELOMD)

Lil Bow Wow Wow

Mary Chapin Carpenters

James Taylor Swift

Buddy Guy Lombardo

Fleetwood Mac Davis

Megadeth Cab for Cutie

Buddy Hollies

Megadeth Cab for Cutie

Steely Danzig

Grateful Dead Kennedys

Dead MilkMen at Work

Minnie Pearl Jam

Flaming Lipps Inc

LL Cool J Geils Band

The YardByrds

Kenny G. Love & Special Sauce

Grant Lee Buffalo Springfield

Kings of Leon Russell

Frank Black Sabbath

Lloyd Cole Porter

The James Gang of Four

Tower of Power Station


John MellenCamper Van Beethoven

The Dirty Three Dog NightRanger (a triple)

Prince and the New Power Generation X

Bing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

16 thoughts on “I Didn’t Much Feel Like Working Today, So…

  1. Dennis McGrath says:

    Nat King Cole Drivin’ Man
    Workin’ on the railroad Chatanooga Cho Cho
    Battle Hymn of the Republicans

  2. PM says:

    Dave Mason Jennings

    Stealer’s Wheel of Fortune (mixed metaphor, I know…)

    Stranglers Justin Bieber (please!)

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