Campaign snapshot: Direct mail deluge

I live in Stillwater. District 39B, specifically. We have state senate and state house races lighting up the neighborhood, in addition to some city council races and the statewide the ballot initiatives. Apparently, there’s also a Democratic senator with nominal competition and some quadrennial race for federal governor or something like that.

With these state-level legislative races, I feel a bit like an Ohioan. We’re being bombarded. The photo above shows what happens when I don’t check my mail for a couple of days. Those 20 pieces of campaign literature arrived between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2. The funny pages were included for size reference and because they seemed topically appropriate.

The mail was divided about evenly between the senate and house race and, this late in the game, were more negative than positive. We received some twice because, presumably, direct mail is so cheap it’s not worth the campaigns’ time to de-dupe their lists. We also received one piece from a candidate from 39A because, well, I have no idea why.

The look on my 3-year-old’s face — entirely unplanned and unprompted — sums things up rather well.

12 thoughts on “Campaign snapshot: Direct mail deluge

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Wow! Crowd hangers on will remember the blissful day when junior arrived. Very cute! Perplexed expression brilliantly captures the existential mist of the world we live in.

    Hope he can play middle-infield. That would be circa 2029, sooner if exceptionally precocious.

    Good to hear from you.

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve already lost one battle: He’s a righty. Still, he has a hell of an arm. Can’t catch well yet, so perhaps he’ll be pitcher material after all.

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        Pitcher of course very good. In the grand tradition of Irish-American fireballers: Nolan Ryan and the iconic Ed Walsh!

  2. PM says:

    So, on the last full day of campaigning, here is my question:
    Are we experiencing two different realities? I mean, we have sort of seen it here on the SRC–where different people express, with apparent absolute certainty, polar opposite expectations of the election results. You can see it in this brief article ( ; or in the predictions of George Will (huge Romney victory) versus Jim Cramer (huge Obama victory).

    Most of the polls show it to be tight, with an edge to Obama. Of course, these are disputed by Romney pollsters (who offer “unskewed” versions).

    If we have two different realities, what will happen when one of these realities inevitably wins? What kind of cognitive dissonance will the holders of the “wrong” reality suffer, and how will they react? Will they blame those who assured them of victory, or will the assume that the outcome was rigged?

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Interesting question PM. A “true believer” coming to grips with the reality the belief is false….I think, as you mentioned elsewhere, the only one truly with it all on the line here is Mr. Silver. His whole reason for being is this stuff. Walmart Greeter for him, and say arrivederci to celebrity life-style, if he’s wrong.

  3. PM says:

    Another question: what will your election night ritual be?

    Austin will be having chili (cincinnatti style? 5 way?) in front of a dozen TV sets while Newt will be sipping champagne (Dom Perignon by the case). I’m going to be bugging out and taking a cooking class (Mexican), and not getting back until the returns start to come in (close to 10pm).

    What about the rest of you? Anyone here planning on ignoring it all until the Wednesday paper lands on the doorstep?

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Coincidentally, while you’re exploring the subtle nuances of nouveau Mexican cuisine, a dear friend will be trying out a new Italian recipe for the first time. She provided no further details, but I’m thinking you can’t mess up pasta. I get to supply the wine.

      As discusssed here this one has the makings of a not totally predictable classic election. Looking forward to tension and drama!

    2. I have a mother and a friend running in different local-level races, the state has two fascinating constitutional amendments on the ballot, a congressional delegation is up in the air, and Ohio and Florida are still considered toss-ups.

      Therefore, I will spend my evening with my wife, my beers, my TV (PBS with sparse minutes here and there of cable networks), my computer, my smartphone and my Kindle Fire tablet.

      And Twitter and Facebook and Google+.

  4. I was looking forward to tension and drama and was prepared to stay up all night watching results last time. Then at 10:01pm it was over–kind of a let down except that my guy won.

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