CAMPAIGN SHOCKER: Bloomberg + Obama

Just announced: NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg has endorsed Barack Obama for President. In the wake of Hurrican Sandy, Bloomberg now “gets it” on climate change and believes Obama will be more serious in addressing the issue.


I’m at work, folks, so I can’t say much more now. But discuss amongst yourselves.

25 thoughts on “CAMPAIGN SHOCKER: Bloomberg + Obama

  1. Joe Loveland says:

    Forget about Sandy for now. Too soon. The more foundational question is whether climate change is real and impacted by human activity. Since 2007, all scientific bodies of national or international standing have supported the conclusion that climate change is real and impacted by human activity.

  2. Mike Thomas says:

    A Mayor who has supported every left leaning liberal cause now is endorsing Obama and that shocks you?

    1. Gov. Christie won’t go quite that far, but it’s obvious he’s doing his best to get Obama elected so he can grab the 2016 nomination. He started at the convention.

  3. Jeremy Powers says:

    I personally don’t think any one disaster will create is a political solution for global climate change. Science moves even slower than politics. I think the earth is warming, ice packs are melting and the seas are rising. I was in Venice two years ago in ankle-deep water. And The science community is pretty adamant that this is caused by human activity. But no one disaster is going to be proof.

    Personally, however, I think this is an issue revolving around people helping people. Even if we stopped global warming completely, which is unlikely, we will have natural disasters – earth quakes, tornadoes and floods. But Romney’s idea that FEMA should be replaced by state efforts, or “even better” private enterprise, is the biggest, starkest difference I see between the two candidates. And his little story about everyone pitching in to clean up a football field was like comparing a tornado to a popcorn fart.

  4. Newt says:

    Bloomberg, a liberal , backs a fellow liberal in a state that is solidly liberal. No news here. Christie is sucking up to Obama for appearances sake for his storm-stricken constituents. Also a non-story.

  5. Ellen Mrja says:

    Jeremy: The Economist endorses Obama? Holy Hanna. And theirs was for a fascinating reason, as well: the magazine editors have no idea where candidate Romney stands on the issues.

    Overall comment: Of course this is “news.” If it isn’t, tell me what is. Mitt holding another rally today and mistaking the date of the election (calling it Nov. 7, instead of Nov. 6)?

    I don’t think you can underestimate the shock Sandy’s brought to both Bloomberg and Christie, however. They are not the same men they were five days ago. The sea change they’ve experienced is not a poor pun; I think Christie said it most succinctly: “Right now I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

    Bloomberg is an independent, although Mike is right that Bloomberg has been supporting many liberal causes of late. From the NYT link:

    “The endorsement is the latest effort by Mr. Bloomberg to affect the national political debate as he nears the twilight of his tenure in City Hall.

    Last month, the mayor announced that he was creating his own “super PAC” to support candidates from either party, as well as independents, who he believed are devoted to his brand of nonideological problem solving, and who supported same-sex marriage, tougher gun laws or school reform. A billionaire, Mr. Bloomberg said he would spend from $10 million to $15 million of his money in highly competitive state, local and Congressional races.”

    In this campaign, neither candidate has adequately addressed the disaster we’ve created with climate change. Think it’s not bad? Ask your kids in about 30 years.

    1. Jeremy Powers says:

      Because The Economist is European, it means they don’t have 20 percent of their population hopelessly, helplessly lost in religion. They don’t have radio people who scream for a living. In other words, almost half of Europe is not crazy. Goofy in many ways, but not scared of its own shadow, afraid of taxes and helping each other. If this country gets any worse, I’m going to be figuring out what European country I can afford to live in.

    2. Newt says:

      So Brits (The Economist) endorse Obama. Unlike some members of the Supreme Court, I don’t take my domestic cues from foreign sources.

      Are any of you concerned that Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Putin also have endorsed Obama?

      It’s going to be fun Tuesday night. I need to make a run to Haskell’s to grab a case of Dom.

      PM, will be drinking his usual – Blatz light – and sobbing his eyes out in front of his 13″ B&W Radio Shack rabbit-ears TV.

      1. PM says:

        So you’re having a 53% party/celebration, are you?

        Newt, one of the things i enjoy about you is how close you hew to all of the stereotypes.

      2. Ellen Mrja says:

        But remember that drinking Dom on American election night is sort of Froggy-lovin’, isn’t it? At least good ol’ Blatz hails from good ol’ Wisconsin. USA! USA!

  6. Ellen Mrja says:

    This is a perfect example of how the same information can become contradictory headlines, however.

    Yes, the economy added 171,000 jobs. However, the unemployment rate rose from 7.8 to 7.9%. You already know which headline Fox/Limbaugh will be trumpeting and which MSNBC will be all about.

    And, yes, I think Romney is toast. For so many reasons.

    1. PM says:

      Note that they revised the September employment numbers up–clearly not only was Jack Welch (and the other partisan paranoiacs) wrong about the BLS cooking the books, but it is clear that the BLS undercounted those numbers!

      But do not expect those conspiracy theory addicts to confess to their mistakes……

  7. Newt says:

    Staten Island and Long Island have turned out every bit the humanitarian disaster Katrina was … but for Obama this time.

    Bruce, Brian and Joe ridiculed Bush and “Brownie” for months, but now sit silent that the shoe is on the other foot.

    The take-away is, FEMA is a disaster itself irrespective of the administration in charge. Government seldom works well.

    And that idiot Bloomberg pulled the plug on the NYC marathon to head off a riot and PR disaster and, in doing so, created another one with the running community. Bloomberg who is now hated on the East coast is associated with the buffoon he just endorsed. Obama is toast.

    There is a God.

    1. PM says:

      I tend to watch Fox more than MSNBC–not that i like Fox more, but i just don’t value what I get from MSNBC. I value what i get from Fox only as an insight into a very strange world…..I don’t need that insight from MSNBC, and the thing i like the least about both of them is the yelling and hyperpartisanship. Hell, even Maher is more evenhanded (and insightful) than either of those 2!

      (Generally, i don’t watch much TV news)

  8. Me either. I prefer to read about the news, less blather and hysteria. I do tune in sometimes to both of those to see what they are hyperventilating about. They are both in the news/entertainment business. The only thing I like about TV is Mad Men, Dexter, Breaking Bad and sports.

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