Tell Us Why You Care — Obama or Romney?

We get pretty rowdy on this blog when we talk politics. Clearly we care about this election and the issues before the country. And, amazingly, we occasionally listen to each other. Bless you all for reading and participating.

Let’s get personal. The election is on — we can vote already in Florida.

Each of you has three sentences. I’m voting for Romney because… I’m voting for Obama because… I’m voting for Johnson because… I’m skipping voting and getting drunk instead because…

Tell us why you’re voting for your guy, and also why you’re not voting for the other guy.

I’ll start:

I’m voting for Barack Obama because his views and instincts on everything I value are consistent with mine: environmental protection, alternative energy, human rights, education, affordable health care, and the fact that everybody counts. He also is always thinking long-term; not just about what might work now, but what will be best for the whole country and the planet over many years. I can’t stand Mitt Romney because he’s BushCheney redux, he represents and will serve those who already have it made, and he’ll do or say anything to get in the position to serve those like himself. — Bruce Benidt

OK — your turn: