Welcome Werle

What if you ran out of smartasses? I mean really. Like you always need jars of salsa in the house; you don’t want to run out.

So, we’re adding Chris Werle to the Rowdy Crowd. Chris has been bored enough to follow us since our creation, and once asked what it took to be part of this mess. At that point he had a real job, and one of the loose rules of the house is that our contributors are nominally independent. So when Chris slipped the reins of yet another company, we grabbed him.

I’ve known Chris for a couple of decades. His bio is in “Who Are Those Guys,” and worth a look. I can vouch best for his curiosity — he’s a great traveler, talker, listener, observer, and imbiber, as you can see in his first post below. And he always asks questions — smart ones, personal ones, irritating ones, insightful ones, dumb ones. Good ones.

Welcome, my old friend.


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