A “Brave Choice”

Don Adams, president of the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, correctly described Governor Romney’s choice of Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan as a “brave choice.”  He’s 100% right.  Bravery is showing courage and daring in the face of danger and there is no doubt in my mind that Governor Romney would not have acted so bravely but for the belief that without it his candidacy was in great danger.  You could argue that John McCain acted bravely, too, when he picked Sarah Palin.  Foolishly, but, bravely.

To save Newt and Eric the sputtering comments, no, I don’t equate Paul Ryan with Sarah Palin (though he’s no Lyndon Johnson or even a George H.W. Bush), but he also is a risk.  Young, very conservative and a bit of a one-trick pony with a savant’s grasp of the budget issues, but not much else that I can think of, Paul Ryan is on the ticket only because Governor Romney, who never took a risk he could avoid, is sweating the numbers, and more importantly, the trend he sees in the polls.

We’ll see how it plays out.  As Willy Wonka says, “The suspense is terrible; I hope it lasts.”

– Austin

3 thoughts on “A “Brave Choice”

  1. Gailkate says:

    I’m guessing that Romney’s strategy will be to use Ryan to attract younger voters. There’s been a lot of discussion of the gulf between young and old, as the young feel their chances for a good life are buried under aging boomers’ entitlements. It will have to be a subtle sell, but frankly, that’s what I’d do. Whether he uses it or not, he’s staked out White Male territory unequivocally.

  2. Newt says:

    Ryan is more useful to conservatives in Congress, but a good choice nonetheless.

    The bomb-throwing and outright lies by Dems will continue. I posit that the public will tire of these antics and select grown-ups to run the nation in Novemember.

  3. Jeremy Powers says:

    As a Democrat, I couldn’t be happier with Paul Ryan – a man famous for a budget that only the rich like. They just lost Florida and therefore the election.

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