Oprah A Lauder of Rowdy Crowder Souder

News Flash:  Rowdy Crowder William Souder’s book about environmental pioneer Rachel Carson, On a Further Shore:  The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson, will be available at a book store near you on September 4, 2012.

And here’s the really big news.  Her Oprahness has recommended William’s book to her adoring book-buying throngs, via O Magazine’s list of books you should buy in September.  Congratulations, William!

William didn’t ask us to plug this, but it needed to be noted.  Buy the book, gang, or Oprah will not be pleased.

– The Management

3 thoughts on “Oprah A Lauder of Rowdy Crowder Souder

  1. Brother Souder, please do a piece or two about writing this book. This is a communications blog, ferchrissakes, and a book about a giant of history is communications. I wanna know how you write, how you got the contract to do the book, what was hard, what was easy, did you get stuck, did you make mistakes, what your shoe size is.

    Justin Kaplan, a great biographer of Mark Twain and others, said that he chose bio subjects by whether he would like riding on a cross-country train with the person. He had thought of doing a biography of U.S. Grant, but part way in realized he wanted to get off the train. How would the train ride with Rachel Carson be?

    (I wrote a book on Stonewall Jackson, did two years of research, followed his footsteps through Virginia — realized if I were alive when he was I wouldn’t have liked him nor he me. But I found him fascinating.) How do you feel about Carson?

    Tell us, give us some insight into writing a major book like this, wouldja?

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