Peeling Back Minnesota’s Media Layers

Compared to other Americans, are Minnesotans more intellectual in their media choices? More conservative? Liberal? Business minded? Worldly?

Or  are they sophmoric wise asses?

It appears the latter.  A recent Forbes analysis says that stereotypically stoic, humorless Minnesotans are disproportionately likely to be readers and sharers of, drumroll please:

The Onion.

Yes, The Onion, the self-styled “America’s Finest News Source.”  For those of you who aren’t real Minnesotans who are familiar with The Onion, it is a satirical news publication that currently features such fine journalism as:

Court Orders To Adopt Bankrupt Bookstores’ Cats

Tiger Woods’ Reputation Takes Another Hit After He Is Caught Operating A Coal Mine With Flagrant Disregard For OSHA Regulations

General Mills Gives Honey Nut Cheerios Bee Intense Backstory Of Childhood Foster Home Abuse In Bizarre Rebranding Effort

Forgive me for getting verklempt, but I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud of my adopted state.

– Loveland

About Joe Loveland

St. Paul, MN-based PR guy and dad of 3.

9 responses to “Peeling Back Minnesota’s Media Layers

  1. Erik

    Where ya been? Its about flipping time.

    I like the Onion a lot as well. Its brilliant.

  2. Map creates the illusion of media choice. Those choices boil down to six media conglomerates.

  3. PM

    The Onion is one of my all time favorites. And, of course, i just have to share with you my favorite Onion story:,17883/

  4. Ellen Mrja

    Hah! And there’s my favorite from Man Landing on the Moon:,158/

  5. lark

    The Onion was born in Madison, Wisconsin, started by former editors of the Daily Cardinal, the oldest daily at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After many years, The Onion moved to NYC. So Minnesota is following Wisconsin’s lead, apparently (though it’s now an East Coast institution).

  6. john sherman

    Did the analysis check to see how many readers realize the Onion is satiric? Years ago Keillor did an essay, “Forty Second in Hot Sauce,” pointing out that Minnesota came in even behind Iowa in the consumption of irony.

    Oh, and PM did you see the story about the administrator in the Lutheran college who claimed the Jesus was his best friend, but when the Onion interviewed Jesus, it turned out he didn’t really like the guy.

  7. Rob Levine

    Wise asses? More like just “wise.” Favorite headline: On the selection of George W. Bush for president by the Supreme Court, the Onion headlined, “Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'”.,464/


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