Real Journalism Done Right

ImageNo matter what your feelings about WalMart, you have to give props to the New York Times for its impressive reporting on the alleged use of bribes in Mexico and the company’s efforts to sweep the investigation of the matter under the rug.  This kind of piece reminds us why we need good journalists in order to be a good democracy and it reminds us what the Times is capable of when it puts its mind to it.

Highly recommended.

– Austin

6 thoughts on “Real Journalism Done Right

  1. Joe Loveland says:

    As much crap as we give “mainstream media” in the blogosphere, this is what the expensive mainstream media model can generate that new media mostly can’t. So, if you value that kind of reporting, keep up your subscriptions.

    (Why do I feel like Gary Eichten during Pledge Week?)

  2. This one would be noteworthy in any journalistic era. On Monday, in newsrooms across the country, editors slapped down a copy of the Times and said, “Here’s what we have to beat for the investigative Pulitzer this year; what do we have?”

  3. john sherman says:

    And the story has legs as it it is being picked up by the rest of the media; apparently there was no “cute white girl in peril” story to drive it off the screen.

  4. Dennis Lang says:

    A former CNN producer of my acquaintance emailed me today on another matter we were discussing. Sharing this:

    “I will give you one nugget. I had a good friend at agence france press (the french news agency) who alerted
    me to Uncle Sam activity around Haiti – prior to the U.S. invasion. I went upstairs to the editorial controller (senior VP)
    of CNN, and was told in no uncertain terms that if I wanted my job to continue – I would ignore it.
    Two days later – U.S. forces “invaded” Haiti. Get it?

    News, as I have said to many over the years, is a relative term. It depends on who is disseminating it, do they
    have hidden agendas (or controllers) – and can they be trusted? The best journalists don’t have agendas;
    they seek the truth. That has largely disappeared from the “hack journalism” you see nowadays in popular media.”

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