“Onward, Wisconsin!”

So, how do you call it? Will Gov. Walker be recalled tonight over in Wisconsin? I say “Yes” but not by a landslide. But it will be “Yes.” Why? Because people who want him out REALLY want him out more than the people who think he’s doing a fine job. The former will turn out come hell or high water.


Any other bets out there?

6 thoughts on ““Onward, Wisconsin!”

    1. Ellen Mrja says:

      Well for Crimminy’s sake. I was only one month off. (*embarrassed face) Thanks, Jeremy, for pointing out my error. Clearly, drinking and blogging do not mix.

      However, for the sake of argument, what do you all think will happen?

  1. Newt says:

    Even if Walker is recalled, the new Gov will be stuck with a divided legislature and Walker’s landmark legislation will live on.

    That said, Walker is safe. There are still enough private sector voters left in Wisconsin tired of underwriting lavish benefits for public union slugs,

    Unless enough outside agitators fraudulently vote, the legitimate voting population of Wisconsin will keep Walker. Then the grassroots taxpayer uprising moves to Minnesota.

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    We’ll have to see about Walker. As a public union slug, I just had to say: “Hey, Newt.”

    Have you seen any evidence of taxpayer uprisings in Minnesota yet? We have had a proud tradition of grassroots efforts in the past, so might happen…

  3. Ellen Mrja says:

    And here we are on the actual weekend before the vote. I heard from a usually reliable source that Walker will probably win. I, of course, will not be happy with that. But my friends in Wisconsin will make for an exciting night of t.v. viewing. I don’t believe they’ve ever done that before.

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