Minnesota Legislature Announces Lawmaking Partnership With Buzztime Triva™

Saint Paul, Minn., January 30, 2012 – The Minnesota Legislature announced today that it will be delegating additional lawmaking authority to non-elected citizens through a public-private partnership with Buzztime Trivia™, America’s premier provider of bar-based interactive trivia games.

“When we learned that Buzztime Trivia™ could cover 10 trivia questions every 15 minutes, we created Buzztime Lawmaking™ to allow Real People to pass Constitutional Amendments at a more efficient clip than the outdated ballot box system allowed,” said House Speaker Kurt Zellers.

In a beta test of Buzztime Lawmaking™, bar patrons were able to eliminate seven constitutional rights, punish three minority groups, strike the impaired driving law, and exclude bar patrons from taxation, all before the conclusion of Happy Hour.

“Sh*t, most of them questions didn’t take more than a second or two to answer,” said Sparky Franklin, a freshly minted Buzztime Lawmaker. “Them trivia questions are way harder than them lawmaking questions.”

Minnesota lawmakers tout the efficiency and convenience of the new ballot initiative system, which is financed by a fee on shots sold during bar-based lawmaking sessions.

“This is how old Tom Jefferson would have done it if the interwebs had been around back in the 1800s,” McNeely said.

– Loveland

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