Signs That Vikings’ Poor Play May Be Impacting Stadium Push At Capitol

For a long time, I’ve maintained that the quality of the Vikings’ play has almost no impact on the team’s push for a state subsidy to finance a new stadium. But recent developments at the State Capitol are causing me to reconsider that opinion:

• Following yesterday’s twelfth loss of the season, Vikings stadium bill is now being considered as part the Omnibus Homeless Assistance Act.

• During a recent heated exchange on the House floor, a legislator was heard to be bitterly calling his opponent a “Loadholt.”

• During this morning’s opening prayer in the House, firebrand preacher Bradlee Dean referenced Vikings’ quarterback “Muslim Ponder.”

• A member of the Capitol press corps asked the staffer allegedly in an “inapporpriate relationship” with Senator Amy Koch, “who taught you pass defense, Leslie Frazier?”

• The Wisconsin Legislature reportedly has offered to pay for 100% of the new Vikings stadium, to keep the Vikings in the Packers’ division.

• To finance their stadium push, Ramsey County is now suggesting a tax on surging local sales of Prozac and Wellbutrin.

I’m not a lobbyist, but these do not strike me as good signs for the Vikings.

– Loveland

3 thoughts on “Signs That Vikings’ Poor Play May Be Impacting Stadium Push At Capitol

  1. Joe Loveland says:

    Strib’s Souhan:

    “The Vikings are in danger of becoming the guy who undergoes plastic surgery and wakes up to find he still hates his nose.

    Losing can be healthy, but only if, while losing, your team builds around, or replaces, the right people. With just two games remaining, the Vikings have little reason to feel confident in the two most important people on any NFL team: the head coach and quarterback.”

  2. PM says:

    And the biggest danger for the Vikes is the number of people who respond with a resounding…..”Who cares?”

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Okay, but when 15,000 turn out for a Timberwolves exhibition and thousands more for an afternoon semi-scrimage, you know that hope lives, and this community is powerfully attracted to the prospect and entertainment value of sport performed competitively. Sadly, the current Vikings are a mis-managed abomination. What I found somewhat disconcerting in the proposal is even though it’s said the Wilf’s private contribution–in part subsidized by the NFL– is one of the greatest, the taxpayer contribution would also be one of the greatest.

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