Thanksgiving Chant: “We. Are. The 1%!”

I like Thanksgiving. It’s a day when I’m briefly thankful for what I have, instead of obsessing about what I lack.

One of my Happy Places on Thanksgiving is I started a Thanksgiving tradition a few years back of annually visiting this site to remind myself of how I stack up against other humans on the planet, as opposed to other humans on the cul de sac.

It’s an eye opener. For instance, will tell an American who earns $50,000 per year that he is in the top 0.98% richest people in the world.

In other words, if we were thinking globally, some of us should realize: “We. Are. The 1%.” “We. Are. The 1%.”

Occupy that thought for a while.

This is not to diminish the “We Are The 99%” gang. The richest 1% in America have a household income of $516,633, and in 2007 the top 1% had a bigger share of the national income pie than any time since the lead-up to the Great Depression in 1928. At a time when America is struggling, the wealthiest citizens can afford to pay their fair share to get America back on track.

No, I don’t feel too sorry for the wealthiest 1% of Americans. But after less than a minute on, I also don’t feel too sorry for me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

– Loveland

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Chant: “We. Are. The 1%!”

  1. Minnesotan says:

    That’s a great point, as Americans we often fail to realize how trivial some of our problems are in the grand scheme of things.

    On the flip side of this post, if you’re a glutton for punishment – or feeling guilty about being in the 1% globally – ESPN has a neat little tool called the Salary Crunch, where you enter your salary compared to a long list of professional athletes who recently signed big deals.

    So if you make $51K/year, you’ll learn fun facts like Joe Mauer makes that in 0.31 games, 0.06 HRs and that you’ll have to work 451 years to make his annual salary.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      That’s great, Minnesotan. Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know about that one, and it’s a gem. I may save it for my New Year’s Eve tradition, though. Feels like you might need a chaser for that reality check.

      1. PM. says:

        This would be really great if it featured a few of the Vikes, so we could contemplate that over our turkey and try to digest the new stadium….

  2. Mike Kennedy says:

    Good post, Joe, my sentiments, exactly. We are so blessed in this country and so spoiled rotten that all we can do is whine and complain about what we don’t have. Try living in many parts of Latin America, Africa and other poor parts of the world. Then come back and bitch about how rotten it is here.

    My only dispute with your post is the definition of “fair share.” What is that, exactly? Also, how does taxing the top 1 percent even more go anything to solve our crisis of unemployment and out of control spending? There aren’t enough of the super rich to make a dent in the country’s fiscal woes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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