I like Thanksgiving. It’s a day when I’m briefly thankful for what I have, instead of obsessing about what I lack.

One of my Happy Places on Thanksgiving is globalrichlist.com. I started a Thanksgiving tradition a few years back of annually visiting this site to remind myself of how I stack up against other humans on the planet, as opposed to other humans on the cul de sac.

It’s an eye opener. For instance, globalrichlist.com will tell an American who earns $50,000 per year that he is in the top 0.98% richest people in the world.

In other words, if we were thinking globally, some of us should realize: “We. Are. The 1%.” “We. Are. The 1%.”

Occupy that thought for a while.

This is not to diminish the “We Are The 99%” gang. The richest 1% in America have a household income of $516,633, and in 2007 the top 1% had a bigger share of the national income pie than any time since the lead-up to the Great Depression in 1928. At a time when America is struggling, the wealthiest citizens can afford to pay their fair share to get America back on track.

No, I don’t feel too sorry for the wealthiest 1% of Americans. But after less than a minute on globalrichlist.com, I also don’t feel too sorry for me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

– Loveland