I’m sure the Daily News and the Post will come up with better headlines, but the “below-the-fold” news this evening is that Mrs. Palin has apparently shut the door on a presidential bid in 2012.


Ever since her walk-away from her tiresome duties as Alaska’s governor, I’ve always thought that Mrs. Palin is too clever by half to fall into a situation where she might be held accountable for her words and where she might have to use something other than Twitter and Sean Hannity to communicate with.  She’s also done the math – a campaign would mean millions in lost opportunity costs and for what?  A job with an annual salary that probably doesn’t cover her yearly spend on leather wear.   And, about the only thing that could make the current Republican field look presidential is for Ms. Palin to be on the podium with them.  Next to her, Michelle Bachmann looks like an accomplished legislator, Herman Cain is a statesman and Ron Paul is…no, Ron Paul would still come off as crazy Uncle Stu.

But, have no fear.  We’ll still have Ms. Palin with us through the election season.  You can count on her to pop up on Fox and at motorcycle rallies and any other place that’s photogenic and well-covered whenever a Republican candidate strays from the bullgoose lunacy of the Tea Party’s platform.  Dropping the “g” off of every present-tense verb in sight, Ms. Palin will sally forth from her Escalade, her Harley or her snow-machine to decry the takin’ and the spendin’ and the taxin’ and to stand up for the keepin’, protectin’ and honorin’ that all real Americans value. Her handler will collect the check and – woosh – pop-up Sarah will be back inside the cocoon.  Hell, she’ll probably moderate the next debate now.

But, a Palin candidacy would have been fun to watch.

– Austin