This House Is Clean…We Think

As Ellen noted last week, the Rowdy Crowd was the site of a hacking incident that – among other things – shut us down for about 10 days.  I’m pleased to report that after days of diligent scrubbing, the house elves report that all of the offending links and defacements have been removed.  We lost about six months of content and had to manually edit a couple hundred additional posts to remove ersatz links to a spam farm.

We have great faith in the house elves since…to paraphrase Pogo…they is us, BUT there’s a chance we might have missed a couple.  So, if you see a weird link to something that says “financialtime” or an embedded link that looks out of place, don’t click on it.  Drop us a note and we’ll dispatch an incident team to the site immediately.

The good news is that – if there are any links – they’re almost certainly in old posts that no one in their right minds would visit.  New posts – from mid-June on – we’re pretty confident are clean.

Thank you for your attention and that you for flying SRC airlines.

– Austin


4 thoughts on “This House Is Clean…We Think

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Hmm… The old posts–the Crowd archives–had some of the most inventive, illuminating writing anywhere in a range of subjects from politics to (almost) metaphysics, Eclecticism an early Crowd hallmark. In fact some of us endearingly have referred to it as the Crowd’s Golden Age: Benidt and Kelliher could even be found there from time to time. So, gone? What about the “save the newspapers” epic?

  2. Turns out we haven’t. There’s a couple of older posts that have three- or four-word links inserted at the end of the post. They’re hidden in that they don’t look like links, but say stuff like “draft payroll good”. We’re working on those as we write.

    Go figure.

    As to Dennis’ concern that some of our deathless prose has in fact died, all is not completely lost. Mr. Keliher some months ago had pulled a copy of all of the content for an experiment he was doing and thus, if someone really needs to know the precise turn of phrase one of us used, it can be got.

    The good news, though, is that the comments are still in place in all of the hacked posts. These are often much better than the post itself.

    – Austin

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      See, just what I mean. Not often one comes across a phrase like “it can be got”. Seriously, happy MJK has captured all of it. Tuning into the Crowd an entertaining and informative activity for some time. And yup, a great cast of commenters.

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