The other day, Minnesota Public Radio noted that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is trying out a faux southern accent on the Presidential campaign trail. For instance, MPR cited a piece in the New York Times:

The knock on Mr. Pawlenty, according to conversations with voters, is that his speeches sound sincere but do not always sizzle. At a faith forum last week in Iowa, he displayed vigor. But the next day at the Statehouse, the talk among several Republicans was that it seemed he had suddenly developed a Southern accent as he tried connecting to voters by speaking louder and with more energy.

The political blog of Radio Iowa heard it too and noted, “Pawlenty seems to be adopting a Southern accent as he talks about his record as governor.” As he spoke of the country’s challenges, he dropped the letter G, saying: “It ain’t gonna be easy. This is about plowin’ ahead and gettin’ the job done.”

Ever since I heard about this, I just can’t get this tune out of my head:

Come-n-listen to a story ’bout a man named Tim.
Poor Governeer left his state a mighty grim.
Then one day he was fixin’ to win it all,
And out of his trap come a bumblin’ “y’all…”
(Dropped “g’s” that is, political gold, real folksy!)

Well first thing ya know old Tim’s a reptilian-aire.
Minn’ folk said “Tim, move away from here!”
Said “outta state is the place you oughta be,”
So he loaded up the plane and he moved to Fox TV!
(Safe that is, softball questions, pundit stars.)

Now he’s flippin’ and a floppin’ his ideology,
What used to be a “tax” is now “just a fee!”
Said “I aint borin,’ I’m a Tea Party pol,
And — listen here, folks! — hey, howdya like my draaaaaaawwwwwawl.”
(Panderin’ that is, mullet harr, not one “g!”)

– Loveland