17 thoughts on “Expectations Management and Life

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Ah, well said. And after months stifled in a Siberian Gulag, only to return to it now, who among us would trade those few days of blissful exhilaration for the banality of a life in La Jolla?

  2. Momkat of Apple Valley says:

    ‘the banality of a life in La Jolla’ — been there and moved back because of that banality. No dramatic weather changes, no thunderstorms! So boring. Of course I say that in retirement where I can stay home.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      You have an adventurous spirit Momkat. I’ve taken to watching golf on TV, that I generally find incredibly boring, just to see the green grass, people in short-sleeve shirts, and unfrozen bodies of water at places like Pebble Beach.

    1. Gary Pettis says:

      This morning, I caught up with my young friend Phil who has been plowing the snow in business parking lots and residential driveways since 8:00 o’clock last night. He has a few more hours in front of him before he calls it quits later this afternoon.

      He gets his own snow plowing gigs or teams with others who see green when the white flakes fall. It’s bonanza time, not a time to be contemplating the association of Karma with the cycles of the weather. Who has time to be basking underneath the glow of a SAD therapy light when there are checks and cash to be collected from customers?

      So let’s turn that frown upside down and raise our coffee cups to those who are working long hours after the storm to earn their own healthy living.

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        No doubt a healthy attitude on the part of Phil. Wish I had more of that and less empathy for the melancholy of Kierkegaard or Ingmar Bergman as this endless season drags on endlessly.

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    Actually, if we can’t have summer, I prefer winter. I went on a joyride in my plane last Wednesday afternoon (when it was near 50). The ground from 3000 feet looked messy and….well, not very appealing.

    Lush green is the best view, but the white squares of winter can be beautiful (in their own ugly, snowy way). And, true to form, like a real optimist, engine performance is always, always better in colder air. So bring it on, Mother Nature. Make my day.

  4. Newt says:

    Go to Google Images and search “Phuket beach.”

    Then resist the temptation to throw yourself in front of a snowplow.

    1. Ellen Mrja says:

      Newt: I can not believe I followed your advice and googled something called “Phuket beach.” You can imagine the fear I had of what might open up, right?

      But I trusted you, Newt. And I did what you said. And guess what? You didn’t let me down. Thank you. You are a prince among men. (And where’s that snowplow?)

      1. Newt says:

        Thanks Ellen. I’m pictured in one of those photos wearing a loin cloth and reading the Drudge Report on my laptop. This is how conservatives relax amidst world turmoil.

  5. Joe Loveland says:

    I expected there to be another foot of snow this morning, so imagine my delight when I learned there was only a few inches. Have an absitively-posilutely superdy duper day!!!!! 🙂

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