29 thoughts on “Press v. Mubarak / O’Reilly v. Obama.

  1. Mike Kennedy says:


    Highly unecessary to wade through mountains of articles on the Fed/
    Fannie/Freddie/Bear/Lehman/AIG/Merrill induced blowup.

    You’re a fan of Nocera? Read his book (with FT reporter Beth McLean) “All the Devils are Here,” the best book on the origin of the crisis to date.

    It might disabuse you of the notion that this mess was all started, fueled and fostered by Wall Street.

    Oh, yes, they were major players, but not without a lot of help from “regulators,” politicians, mortgage brokers, the Fed and greedy speculators, including some homeowners.

    It might, though, intrude on your more simplistic narrative that a bunch of greedy businss people perpetuated the whole thing on an unspecting Congress and public.

    1. Erik Peterson says:

      Its basically : ‘Reporting is good, but maybe Egyptian coverage should be done by a pool so that more reporters can stay at home to cover the 2008 financial crisis. With these reporters at home covering the 2008 financial crisis, they’re probably won’t be more coverage of the 2008 financial crisis, but there might be more coverage of the 2008 financial crisis. Which is really important.’

      Cmon Mike. What’s not understandable?

    1. Erik Peterson says:

      A citation is in order for ‘20 – 30% of Arab men with dimmed prospects b/c of the financial crisis.’

      You know, because their prospects were so bright before 2008….

      Looks like junk science, does not have a qualitative weight, but I’m sure there’s a scholarly source for it somewhere huh.

  2. Mike Kennedy says:

    No, but you obviously didn’t read or missed what I wrote.

    Did you come away from the book thinking that politicians and the Fed were largely innocent bystanders?

    If so, I’d go back and re-read it.

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    BTW, it must have gotten past you that the government was the first to securitze mortgages (page 7 of the book).

      1. Mike Kennedy says:

        They didn’t. Private sector did. But no securitizing, no CDOs, credit default swaps or CMOs.

        Your blind faith in government is impressive.

  4. Joe Loveland says:

    I’m not one of those people who gets bugged when journalists interupt the President, as long as it is necessary to get the President to candidly address a question he appears to be dodging. That’s their job, and it bugs me when journalists DON’T do that.

    BUT, O’Reilly’s interuptions seemed substantively unnecessary and simply aimed at robbing Obama of any moment of cultural or personal connections with the national football watching audience:

    Obama: “The longer I’m in this job, the more I enjoy it, the more optimistic I am about the American people, the more optimistic I am about this country. There’s something about this position that give you a pretty good vantage point of the country as a whole. And for all the arguing we get into between Democrats and Republicans…”

    O”Reilly Interrupts: “TREMENDOUS country, it really is…”

    Message: Bill O’Reilly gets to play the patriot card to Bill O’Reilly’s audience. Bill O’Reilly will not allow the President of the United States to play an uninteruppted patriot card on Bill O’Reilly’s patriotic show.

    And then…

    (Obama giving a pretty solid analysis of game…Packers a little faster…Steelers a little more experienced…Steelers have to be worried about their Center being out of the game…)

    O’Reilly Interumpts: “Now will you really WATCH the game. Because I know you’re having a big party. I know JLo is going to be here…which is why I have to get out of here, because I’ll FRIGHTEN her…

    (Obama urges him to stay, though says he will have to remove his tie.)

    O’Relly interupts again: “…No really, do you understand, blitzes and coverages and all that?”

    MESSAGE: Obama is obviously an out of touch cultural elitist who hangs with trendy Hollywood bimbos while real American men watch, and understand, real American sports.

    Again, I’m fine with journalists interupting the President, but these were not exactly substantive Tim Russert type journalistic moments. They were just silly, petty interuptions designed to steal the President’s moment of cultural connection with Americans. Bush League, I thought.

    1. Sure it was Bush league. But I didn’t think Obama was bothered by it. My point is he has nothing to fear from cartoons like O’Reilly. Other than being generally a waste of his time, it’s not exactly like taking heavy intellectual fire.

      1. Joe Loveland says:

        I agree that Obama should do more of those kinds of interviews, and that he handled it well. What I found interesting is that O’Reilly worked so hard to do damage on a likeability level, as opposed to on a policy level.

        The only part I thought Obama could have handled better was the question about redistribution of wealth. Obama answered by pointing out, accurately, that he had lowered taxes. He was too quick to accept the silly “redistribution is evil” frame, which doesn’t help him long-term.

      2. Mike Thomas says:

        I think the Current is the perfect cable channel for Olbermann. After he burns his bridges there (the cabel eqivalent of Air America) his next move will have to be on Metro Cable 6’s Polka Jamobreem however the good folks on the Polka show know their audience is larger without him.

  5. bertram jr says:

    Interestingly, Bri, O’Reilly actually writes his own books, has a verifiable educational record, and has worked a myriad of jobs in his lifetime, including his current one as the top cable newscaster in America.

    Your half black guy that may or may not habve been born in Hawaii has…what, again? Besides the 30 years of associating with Marxists, terrorists, and racist pastors, and no employment background?

    Who’s the “cartoon”?

    I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

    It’s akin to those who would accuse Michele Bachmann of being ‘crazy’, or from a “parralell universe” as a foster parent of 23, a tax attorney, a wife and mother, and a small business owner.

    You can savage Ann Coulter’s personal appearance, and you have, but her assertion that liberalism is a mental disorder becomes more apparent each day.

    Is it 2012 yet?

    1. Newt says:

      Obama looked horrified and ill-at-ease as O’Reilly took this incompetent boob to task for running our nation off a cliff in 12 months.

      “Community organizer” as chief executive? Only in Media Land.

    2. Jim Leinfelder says:

      Have you seen O’Reilly’s or Bachmann’s or Coulter’s or Bush’s transcripts? Of course not. Theirs are as private as yours.

      BJ, it is you cannot be made up. Because if anyone did, they’d be accused of caricaturing the tattered right fringe. And, as Tosh of Tosh.0 would say, for that, we thank you.

  6. bertram jr says:

    If we had, you would have seen front page color photos of it in the Star Tribune for three days running.

  7. bertram jr says:

    What exactly are you implying?

    I just read your 1,000 word veritable Valentine to the deplorable, and quite addled, Keith Olberman!

  8. Mike Kennedy says:

    It’s been reported that Mr. Obama routinely give 6 to 8 minute responses to questions during press conferences and has registered gusts as high as 8 minutes.

    There was a limited amount of time (before the Super Bowl party) in which to work. Besides, I’ve seen some past interviews with Bush where network “journalists” hardly let him finish a sentence. Didn’t hear much carping then.

    1. Jim Leinfelder says:

      Oh, please, Mike. The interview went on after the live Super Bowl interview and O’Reilly interrupted at the same rate.

      He ran the extended exclusive interview on his show.

      1. Joe Loveland says:

        It’s interesting to contrast the way President Obama handled the interuptions with the peevish way President Bush handled some less frequent interuptions of an Irish reporter a few years back. This is an 11 minute segment, shorter than the 14 minutes O’Reilly had. Listen to how Bush reacted to interuptions at 1:58, 2:45, 3:40, 5:40 and 9:27.

        According to reports following the interview:

        The interview led to a White House complaint to the Irish Embassy. Aides to the president afterwards told Ms Coleman that she interrupted the president unnecessarily and was disrespectful.

  9. Jim Leinfelder says:

    Huh, do you suppose it’s because the President was unaccustomed to such a pointed and pressing line of inquiry by our own cowed journalists of the time?

  10. Mike Kennedy says:

    Ha, ha. Now that’s funny. Bush was interrupted all the time from Helen “the crazy bat” Thomas to David Gregory to Matt Lauer to nearly anyone you can name.

    I think he finally got so sick of it the Irish gal just happened to catch him at a frustrating moment.

    I’m surprised he didn’t snap more. As for Mr. Obama, he is accustomed to holding court like a college professor.

    The general public, I would guess, thinks this a non issue.

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