14 thoughts on “Happy Quadennial

  1. Mike Kennedy says:

    Since it is Super Sunday and your subject is blogs, I give you this:

    Watched an interesting segment on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (a fantastic sports journalism show) on Peter King of SI, SI online and the blog “Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQ).”

    King is a long time print journalist who has remade himself as an internet based journalist. His MMQ blog has about 6 million readers, the entire readership of SI the magazine.

    The piece focused on how he made the transition from print journalist to the blog, Twitter and Facebook.

    It was a fascinating profile, not just of King and the amazing access he has to everyone in the NFL (players, coaches and owners) but how he made the transition and recognizes the present and future of sports journalism (and all of journalism).

      1. Gary Pettis says:

        Joe, You got a nifty little product here, worthy of all my praise. I am sure that you have received encouragement to stoke the fires of capitalism and cook up some revenue: banner ads, Google ads, etc. Ratcheting up the SEO efforts could take you well beyond 6 million visitors, readers or hits (however you wish to measure performance).

        The next thing you know, your personal nest egg grows to an impressive size and you can say goodbye to those employers/clients who think you’ve been silly all these years for demanding a comma in front of the word “which”. In time, your agent gets you repeated pundit gigs on Fox News where you hold your own with Bill O’Reilly, impressing the viewers of America’s number one most watched news show.

        All of us here in the Great American Tundra will coil in jealousy as TMZ catches you and Lindsey Lohan sharing an ice cream treat at the Cold Stone Creamery on Hollywood Boulevard.

        Some punk fresh out of college with a video camera and attached microphone will get in your face. You’re spooning in the last taste of sweetness. The most that you will be able to muster is saying: “This ice cream is made from the milk of South Dakota cows.”

        With the riches and fame, you will feel Uncle Sam’s pinch on your pocketbook and think that the notion of spreading the wealth isn’t cracked up to what it’s suppose to be. Then, no surprise to us, you can break out your GOP, conservative bad self.

      2. Dennis Lang says:

        Gary Pettis writes a chilling tale of corruption by fame and materialism, made all the more tragic for Loveland because in the end he cannot bear what it has done to him, destroying the innate purity his goals and desires leaving him an empty shell (being fed popcorn by Kim Kardashian).

  2. Mike Kennedy says:

    I know. I’m impressed.

    BTW, it’s not only Super Sunday, but the birthday of President Reagan. He would, no doubt, think it cool that his 100th would be on Super Bowl day (as a former football broadcaster).

    Happy Birthday.

      1. Mike Kennedy says:

        Ah, not to worry, PM — Salon isn’t exactly noted for being an impartial venue. Pieces by writers or historians with their own biases isn’t going to make much difference to me — or a vast majority of people, I would guess.

        I can find many holes in the above “critical analysis” and much of it is opinion that can debated.

        Sure, Reagan had his faults — every president does (we will see in 15 years how history treats Obama). I laugh how some liberals have, for years, tried to downplay every Reagan success.

        The economy was due to capitalist forces (as if the 1990s markets weren’t), Gorby deserves more credit for ending the Cold War (depends on the historian — many give the Pope and Reagan at least as much if not more).

        Despite all this, Reagan’s popularity grows, so much so that now even many liberals are claiming to revere him.

        My prediction: His popularity will only grow throughout the decades (not exactly a bold prediction).

  3. Dennis Lang says:

    …and if I may speak for all of us cyberspirits, very happy that premature retirement (the tears, the press conferences, the unrelenting media coverage) of a while back was short-lived…. As they say, you can take the boy out of the game but never the game out of the boy (or something). A Sunday mimosa to your next quadennial!

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      We would have Death Paneled this bad boy a long time ago if thoughtful strangers like you all hadn’t joined us. None of us wanted a monologue, echo chamber or a screamfest, and that really depends on the participants. So cheers to you all.

  4. Joe Loveland says:

    I don’t know if folks realize it, but I have never met 90%-ish of the people who participate in these discussions, and that includes the principal contributors. It would be really easy for Crowdies to be total turds to each other, because we are strangers who aren’t dependent on each other in life. It’s kinda neat when we aren’t. Interesting times we are living in…

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