15 thoughts on “Business Border Battle Back-up?

  1. Newt says:

    I don’t think the Cheeseheads hold much of an advantage in business friendliness. Their taxes are comparably obscene and they have bigger union problems.

    The Dakotas are open for business.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      MN, WI and SD are closely bunched under the Ernst and Young measure, with MN slightly more favorable from a business perspective. Here is their rationale for that measure:

      A state’s competitiveness depends upon many factors, including the level of business taxes compared to the level of economic activity that is being taxed and the Õnal incidence of business taxes, after they have been shifted to consumers or owners of factors of production, including workers. Because state business tax bases include a diverse mixture of receipts, net income, input purchases, payroll, property and other tax bases, a broad measure of a state’s overall economic activity should be used to determine the measure of aggregate business tax burden that can be compared across states.

      The last column in Table 6 presents a state-by-state measure of the total effective business tax rate “TEBTR” imposed on business activity by state and local governments…” (MN 4.3%, WI, 4.6%, SD 4.9%)

    2. Joe Loveland says:

      Rates of unionization pretty close – 16.1% in MN and 15.0% in WI. If avoiding unions is your obsession, SD is more enticing – 5.0%.

      1. john sherman says:

        One good thing about SD is that there is a lot of unencumbered space to build. Actually ND would be a better place to open some kinds of businesses largely because Byron Dorgan brought in a ton of federal money to NDSU and UND to set up various kinds of development projects.

        Incidentally, aren’t the Packers a socialist operation with the Green Bay citizenry owning the stock?

  2. Mike Kennedy says:

    Besides, who the hell would want to have to become a Packer fan?

    It would then be mandatory for you and all your employees to get completely blitzed every Sunday throughout football season — starting Sunday morning breakfast with Jag shots.

  3. PM says:

    While we here in the Twin Cities are reduced to watching the Packers (and da Bears!) on tv…….and don’t even have an excuse to drink while doing it.

  4. Mike Kennedy says:

    What? A Packer loss would be an excuse to drink (in celebration, that is) — though I fear that won’t happen this coming weekend.

    1. PM says:

      It is in situations like these that I am reduced to pulling for the Packers–not because i love them, but Aaron Rodgers was superb, and, well, if someone else has to win, it should be whoever beat us (that way we lost to the best). And I always end up pulling for the old NFL teams….

  5. Mike Kennedy says:

    OK, PM. You’ve got me on both counts.

    You’re right about the gas stations (might I add a bar about every half block), and I guess I do grudgingly have to pull for the Packers. You do have to give Rodgers his due.

    I went to Lambeau Field a year ago for Pack/Dallas games with friends who are Pack fans. Except for the 100 plus arrests, it was quite a place to behold. Bet the Vikes never play in a stadium like that.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      I toured Lambeau a couple of summers ago. A great piece of Americana. The thing I respect about my friends who are Packer’s fans is that they were thoroughly loyal even in the 70s, when the Pack definitely was not back. No bandwagoners there. I’d much rather live and do business in the Twin Cities than Green Bay, but I’d rather go to a game there, even with the cold metal benches, long bathroom lines and shitfaced fans.

  6. Mike Kennedy says:

    I agree with, you Joe. The atmosphere in the dome always felt so fake and phony and well….over the top.

    Lambeau is real and the atmosphere doesn’t have to be hyped or amped up. And, yes, the fans are always loyal. Of course, being able to buy into the team financially through stock might help.

    I’m surprised more sports teams are not owned by such a structure — from owning the team to owning the stadium.

  7. Joe Loveland says:

    Any nominees for signs that MN should put at our border?

    “Free Beer For Relocating Businesses”?

  8. PM says:

    Well, based on this (http://pleated-jeans.com/2011/01/24/the-united-states-of-shame-chart/), here are some of the candidates for signs at our borders:

    SD border: Don’t let your investment get raped, too!”

    ND border: “keep a little Beauty in your life”

    IA Border: “want to look forward to more than your next Depends?”

    WI border: “When your bender is over, come on back–we’ll still welcome you!”

    (all we have to worry about is tornadoes!)

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