17 thoughts on “Huckabee Describes Reality, Risks Political Career

  1. Newt says:

    Someone please explain the federal government’s compelling interest in making sure its citizenry receives end-of-life consultation.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      Maybe you should listen to the people caring for patients:

      Organized medicine has endorsed end-of-life counseling — also called advance care planning — as the epitome of patient-centered care because its goal is finding out what kind of care, if any, a person wants at life’s end. Having such discussions in advance is crucial, said Roland Goertz, MD, president of the American Academy Family of Physicians (AAFP).

      The value of advance care planning is a veritable article of faith in medicine. That was evidenced earlier this year when medical societies such as the AAFP, the ACP, and the American Medical Association (AMA) joined the AARP, the American Hospital Association, and dozens of other groups in participating in National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16, which promoted the use of advance directives. And in November, delegates to the AMA’s interim meeting in San Diego, California, adopted a resolution reaffirming the value of advance care planning.

      1. Joe Loveland says:

        Newt, I understand that you dislike the fact that an overwhelming majority of your fellow Americans want to have a government-run Medicare to provide good medical care to seniors. But just because you disagree with the majority on that does not mean health care is an inappropriate role of government. In a democracy, if the majority says health care is an appropriate role for their democratic government, then it is appropriate.

        Given that, end of life planning is clearly an important element of solid medical care. It improves care for the patient, and manages limited taxpayer dollars prudently.

        Many years ago, I had a parent in a coma unable to express wishes at end of life. The fact that he had earlier let his wishes be known helped save him much indignity and pain, and also saved taxpayers like you a boatload of money.

        Patients’ medical care experience and the management of your tax dollars is very much our government’s business, because an overwhelming majority has told them to make it their business.

  2. PM says:

    Remember all that “waste and fraud” that all politicians want to cut from the federal budget? This is a good start on tackling some small (but important) part of that in health care.

  3. bruce benidt says:

    End of life planning saves money. Taxpayer money. By avoiding huge costs for heroic and useless measures if nobody has said “don’t.”
    Money. That touch you, Newt?

      1. Without planning, SOP swings into effect. If nobody has said “Do not resuscitate, do not intubate, do not us a breathing machine,” all those things are done. And they cost money. If people choose to make use of all those measures, fine, let them. But with thought and planning, people can choose not to have those things.
        My parents both died of wasting diseases. The end was clear, and when it was near there was no use in trying to extend life a few more days or weeks. They had made their wishes clear, in writing, through planning, years before they died.
        And they died in peace, as much as there is in something like that.
        Without planning, more measures would surely have been taken.
        And we all pay for the unnecessary measures, either through premiums or taxes.
        Planning does save money, Newt. And dignity. And despair.

      2. Newt says:

        Sorry Bruce, only planning (to end life sooner) saves money. And you know it.

        The elephant in the room is: What government subsidizes, government controls.

        In a truly free society, government has no role in promoting “prudent” expenditures involving the lives of its citizens.

  4. bruce benidt says:

    Huckabee is often surprising. It’s one of the reasons he’s appealing. He doesn’t always hew to the party line. He says what he thinks, it seems, even if it’s going to piss off the right or the left. I think he panders less than most politicians from either side of the aisle.

    I often disagree with his positions, but I like hearing his thinking. And, as I’ve said on this blog before, I like his TV show.

    You can predict what most righties or lefties will say. Harder to do with Huckabee. Good for him for not taking the Palin easy shot.

    1. PM says:

      Yeah, i have to agree with you on Huckabee. Another important aspect of him that i like is that he is, for the most part, respectful and reasoned in his arguments. he doesn’t scream, rant or yell (at least not nearly as much as his fellows at FNC).

      All that said, in have a pretty hard time imagining a President who is a creationist.

      1. Joe Loveland says:

        Agree. Huckabee is by far the strongest Republican in the nomination fight. He’s a very clear and compelling communicator who comes across as much more moderate than his positions actually are. Stylistically, he’s on the Reagan end of the spectrum.

  5. john sherman says:

    I can understand that Limbaugh would think that fat is patriotic.

    A lot of the fun house formulations can be traced back to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who tests various ways of expressing an idea, finds the most successful from the conservative point of view, sends out the memo, and suddenly it’s all over Drudge, Fox and becomes the talking point of every Republican politician.

    The political and message discipline of the Republican party is astonishing; there hasn’t been anything like it in America since the Communist Party USA in the late 40’s. And like the CPUSA, they can change the line overnight and everybody is on board. Cap and trade went from the being the McCain/Palin platform to the worst thing in the world in less than two years, ditto a budget commission, the Dream Act, individual mandates, etc. McConnell even managed to hold his caucus in line to prevent a vote on providing health care to 9/11 first responders–an outstandingly contemptible and unpopular position.

    It would help if someone in the media besides Jon Stewart had a staff doing the research to remind the world of these flip-flops.

    1. Ellen Mrja says:

      Wow. If the Rs are so great, tell me, who is their leader?

      McConnell is a yawn. Huckabee a nice non-starter. Palin a high-price opportunist and Limbaugh a drug addict.

      I see no leaders there whatsoever.

  6. Ellen Mrja says:

    Anyone who believes creationism is a valid reconstruction of reality needs to live in the Adam and Eve Theme Park but not the White House. Come on, now.

    It’s really funny to see how reactionary non-thinkers can be when they’re diverted from REAL problems (such as the priveleged/corporations/military sucking them dry) by the powers that be on the right throwing new dog meat phrases at them like “DEATH PANELS!” “TERRY SCHIAVO!” “GAY MARRIAGE!” “GAYS IN THE MILITARY!”

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