7 thoughts on “Favre Wins Legal Battle, Loses PR Battle

  1. Mike Kennedy says:

    Oh, come on now. Favre was done after this year — one way or the other. He’s an NFL legend, holder of a number of QB records and was paid enough this season for several lifetimes. Does his brand matter much?

    In addition, he will be able to make all kinds of money at sports shows, autograph and collector events, motivational talks etc.

    Truth to tell, most of society doesn’t care about this kind of stuff. Bill Clinton is still popular as hell. And Favre just made his uh…equipment available. Bill actually deployed his.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      I agree that he’ll make money post-retirement, but he would have made more if this hadn’t happen, and the difference is due to reputation degradation.

      It will be impossible to quantify the precise amount of revenue forgone, because it will happen in the form of offers never made. But there is no question that his endorsement value dropped because of the last three months of phallic merriment had at his expense.

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        Really? “Reputation degradation”–very cool expression. This whole episode seemed a little weak to me. An alleged incident of 2008, only surfaces after a web posting, and only then the evident indignation of Ms. Sterger. Did she ever formally acuse Favre of harassment? I can understand Letterman’s frontal assault on undeniable, very blatant accusations but I wonder under these particular circumstances if Favre’s silence wasn’t appropriate. Anyway, as of today I hear the “brand” is still intact. No advertisers pulling out.

      2. Joe Loveland says:

        If Favre didn’t do it, he REALLY handled his PR poorly. If he didn’t sext, he should have come out right away with a firm and detailed denial, armed with full knowledge that he couldn’t later be contradicted by evidence. If he is innocent and remained silent, I think he really blew it, because I think most objective observers presume that his lack of a defense constituted an admission of guilt.

        We can’t judge his brand loss based only on whether any corporations abandon Favre this week. First, Tiger’s case shows that endorsee abandonment usually comes in drips and drabs over time (though the drips and drabs were in the eight figures in Woods’ case). Most endorsees would rather do it later and as quietly as possible.

        Second, remember the damage isn’t just endorsements lost, it’s also endorsements foregone, or endorsements that you are not offered in the future because of this tarnish. That’s harder to gauge. This guy is a Hall of Fame hero with a ton of charisma, and he should be an absolute dream endorsee for lots and lots of products. He’ll still get some guys’ guy kinds of products, but I’d guess others probabaly are no longer possible (e.g. cell phone companies, cellular service providers, brands that are just generally hyper-cautious, of which there are many).

  2. Jim Leinfelder says:

    Good ex post facto advice, Joe, for all those narcissistic celebs running around out there who can only think of themselves in terms of brand definition and preservation.

    But, I mean, really, for the rest of us, a simple: Don’t text photos of your junk to co-workers, really ought to cover it. How high a bar is that to clear? It astonishes me that people pay a big hourly rate for this sort of advice and, even then, probably choose not to follow it. If only Fatty Arbuckle had had a good p.r. man, or a conscience, or working frontal lobes.

    Keillor touched on this sort of absurdity in his recent remarks about “humor” at some Kennedy-family-related event in Boston.

    And, yes, Kennedy, I’m well aware you don’t care for Keillor’s work.

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      For what it’s worth, my advice was ex post facto because I had no way of knowing if Favre was guilty of sexting when I originally posted on this. I don’t want to sound all defensive about that, but thought I’d clarify…

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    I wasn’t going to say a word. In fact, I was going to compliment you on your post. I agree.

    Someone get the paddles out to shock Leinfelder.

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