5 thoughts on “Metrodome Collapse Winners and Losers

  1. Jim Leinfelder says:

    I’m certainly no p.r. expert, but it strikes me as the height of tone deafness for the Vikings/U of M to be asking in this moribund economy for volunteers to come by “The Bank” and shovel it out for the millionaire players and the billionaire owners.

    That’s some chutzpah.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      I think the volunteers are being paid $10/hour, and from the interviews I saw pleased to have opportunity–maybe especially in this economy.

      I’ll never be able to think like a billionaire but I wonder even with billions, what it might be like for the Wilf’s to watch as all the best-laid plans and noble aspirations for their cherished enterprize disintegrate and finally, ignominiously evaporate with an act of God. I’m sure to be sickened by the whole experience.

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