23 thoughts on “Pictures and Perspectives from the Rally.

  1. Jim Leinfelder says:

    What with all the recreational drugs and distracting nudity in those halcyon days, did it ever lead to you running out of gas on the beltway?

  2. The corset used to fit a lot better but people tell me I’m still attractive to bears and cubs alike. And, after five hours in those heels, you can bet your ass my feet were sore.

    In truth, my tribe represented at the rally, but – as Mr. Stewart noted – this was a rally for people who only had sitters until 6:00; one of us had to stay home with the kid and I pulled the duty. Still, my wife and two of her friends made it and pronounced it groovy. She too reported a slight slippage in her ability to howl at the moon for an entire weekend; refreshingly, however, she came home with no new tats, piercings or friends.

    I’m glad this tribe was so well-represented as well.


    PS – Ellen, one of the benefits of staying home is that I got to watch the WHOLE rally sans pants.

    1. Ellen Mrja says:

      Aw – now I’m just plain jealous.
      We missed ya’. But Lambert, Jim and friends led me into temptation just the same. I, of course, turned the other way and fled (because I was with my husband).
      I also needed to get my beak, boa and corset off so the Newseum would admit me. What a bunch of spoilsports there, I tell ya’.

  3. Mike Thomas says:

    As much as I typically disagree with Jon Stewart he was right on with his assertion that the right and left both have their own large crowd of spittle spewing hacks, Glenn Beck to the right, and yes the hack former sportscaster Keith Olbermann to the left. Stewart has had Olbermann’s game down for awhile, his take on Olbermann’s bizarre special comments on Scott Brown is one example of Olbermann becoming a cartoon of himself. Still waiting for that break down of “facts” between Olbermann and O’Reilley. What is more than likely to be found is that both hosts cherry pick facts, take video and images out of context – difference with Olbermann is he only brings guests on his show that nod when he talks or agree with his liberal opinions.
    News Corp did donate one million dollars to Republican causes, however GE (parent of MSNBC) donated about $700,000 to Democrat causes. So maybe they are only slightly liberal to Fox’s alleged conservative bias?
    Then of course there is MSNBC’s other programing – the hours of “Lock Up Raw” or “To Catch a Predator”. Yes objective fact based journalism at it’s best.
    Objectivity of MSNBC is dependent upon who’s prism you look through.

    1. Jim Leinfelder says:

      As I’m sure you’re aware, Mike, Olbermann, on the strength of Stewart’s Sanity/Fear Rally peroration, has dropped “Worst Person.”

      I’m unaware of any reflection and subsequent changes at FOX.

  4. Ellen Mrja says:

    Mike: I’m going to have much calmer evenings if I skip these cable news shows generally and pick up books again. Stewart was right on and I’m glad he called it.

  5. Dennis Lang says:

    Heck, isn’t anyone particularly troubled by the sense that politics–with all the power to shape our collective future–has become predominantly showbiz, and the the cost of admission is staggering, often funded by unseen sources and corporate millions? Channel-surfing on election eve I found myself most moved by the Polar Bear in the Nissan Leaf ad, wordlessly, profoundly expressive.

    1. Jim Leinfelder says:

      Olbermann a liberal? Who knew? At FOX, Ailes writes the checks to political causes and the former and assumed future GOP candidates collect a paycheck. None of it’s good for the republic.

  6. Mike Thomas says:

    @Jim are you saying none of it, as including the actions of GE and Olbermann as well as News Corp and FOX?

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