13 thoughts on “Ellen’s experiment

  1. Ellen M says:

    Hi, guys. Even though I believe one’s secret ballot is sacred, I’ll play.

    1. I’m voting for Dayton. Tax the upper-class and support our schools.

    2. I want to vote for Horner. Ever since he appeared fearlessly on our blog, I’ve followed him. I most appreciate his support of my personal freedoms. He’s got a good mind and knows what he’s talking about.

    3. I think Dayton will win. I would be just fine with Governor Horner, as well. But Governor Emmer? Aargh.

  2. PM says:

    1. I’m voting for Horner
    2. I’m glad to be voting for Horner. I suppose I’d rather be voting for Rybak, or, if i could add anyone to the mix, maybe Bill Bradley.
    3. If I were to put $100 down on the results, I’d go with Dayton to win.

  3. Jim says:

    1. I’m voting for Horner
    2. I’d vote for Horner even if the Dems had put up RT and the GOP put up Coleman.
    3. I think Horner can win, he has the support of the middle of the road voter who wants some real change.

  4. Heck with us, I want to know who Randy, the northwoods ‘um, (I’ll take a)Bud man’ would be voting for if he were in MN?

    Now, that’s a voice of reason missing from these polls.

  5. john sherman says:

    I just want the state to function. After Ventura, who liked being governor until it actually involved governing, i.e. sitting in a room with boring people working on the details of stuff you don’t understand, and Pawlenty, who seems to think of being governor as some sort of impediment to his real job of running for president, I want a governor who just wants to govern. Accordingly, I backed MKA on the grounds that she was kind of a nerd who knew where the switches and valves of state government are and who had worked with most of the players. Okay, so now I’m voting Dayton.

    I’ve heard indirectly that people who have served with Emmer in the legislature characterize him as a nasty guy who can’t think straight when he’s mad and is mad most of the time. His record in business is one of crabby litigiousness, and he’s a tenther, i.e. crackpot.

    One problem with Horner is that nobody in the legislature is on his side and nobody has any interest in seeing him succeed; this is not the recipe for a functioning government.

    Dayton worked for Perpich and knows something about state government and I hope is on good enough terms with legislative Democrats to get something done.

    Governors previous to Ventura and Pawlenty didn’t set a real high standard, but even Arne Carlson, who I didn’t much care for at the time, was a responsible adult trying to make the state work.

  6. Brian says:

    1. Dayton or Horner. I honestly haven’t decided and probably won’t know until I am actually in the booth.

    2. A candidate that doesn’t take special interest money, condemns third-party advertising expenditures, and actually stands up for the middle class. I haven’t found this person yet anywhere.

    3. Dayton

    It’s really amazing to think about how we got to this point with Dayton and Emmer as the nominees. So many better candidates on both sides.

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