6 thoughts on “Flawed campaign strategy of the week: Kicking kids in the face

  1. John Gaterud says:

    Another take: Total (totally) tongue-in-cheek Canadian humour as attack-ad parody. This is as rough as it gets up there, eh?

  2. PM says:

    Yeah, this was/is a parody–not a real campaign ad.

    Still, eerily reminiscent of some we’ve seen lately. I’m waiting for the one of Emmer kicking his dog.

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    That’s pretty funny. That boot to the kisser looks pansy compared to some of the hockey fights I’ve seen in Canadian junior and pro hockey.

    Let’s see who can really man up by having Katz and his opponent drop the gloves at the red line and go toe to toe.

  4. PM says:

    I thought that this was an excellent post that gives some perspective to the coming elections:


    basically, the point is that big electoral wins lead to major reversals, usually just 2 years later. Obama wins big in 2008, the tea party wins big in 2010, and then the Dems (and Obama) win big in 2012. Part of the dynamic is that a big win results in lots of marginal candidates for the winning party getting elected, in marginal districts, and that tends to reverse itself, unless there are major external reasons (surging economy, war, etc.) why.

    1. Mrs. Fay says:

      The only thing that is different this time (and no one is talking about) is that there will be some redistrcting going on because of the census. The party in power has quite a bit more say on this issue, which is why the state elections are so very important.

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