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  1. Dennis McGrath says:

    Joe: Very well said. I am in full agreement with you. Pre internet this was a country in which you were innocent until proven guilty. Unless your name was Hester Prynne, of course.


  2. Dennis Lang says:

    Ever wonder why we’re so fascinated by the sexual behavior of others? Here, from my latest science project: Every second $3,076.64 is spent on pornography; every second 28,255 users are viewing pornography; In that same second 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into their search engins; every 39 seconds a new video is being produced in the U.S. The industry generates more annual revenue than Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and Netflix combined. I would hope Favre is beyond implication in yet another salacious scandal but the public eats this stuff up. What is it about us?

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        The odd thing is while the industry seems to be raking it in, the performers have come upon hard times. Yes, you guessed it, free Internet access has made a career choice as a porn starlet less promising.

  3. Mike Kennedy says:

    What is it about us?

    It’s called human nature or human hormones.

    The Kinsey sex studies show that 54 percent of men think about sex daily while another 43 percent think about it a few times a week to a few times a month.

    Apparently, they don’t have a category for the frequency that I think about it.

    I simply want to ask one question:

    What the hell were the other 3 percent of men in the Kinsey study thinking about all month?

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      I don’t know but what is evidently an insatiable appetite for the consumption of sexually explicit content must be attributable to something more than our DNA, and reside also in our learned attitude toward sexual behavior. The revelation of sexual scandal invariably galvanizes us as an audience. The infamous Clinton bj, cost what to investigate and prosecute? 50 mil? Still one of the most absurd episodes in American politics.

      1. flyirish says:

        Well, I think you’re giving the evolved brain too much credit.

        Those only a few things that humans need to “learn” about sexual behavior. Much of it occurs naturally.

        The fact that sex is on the bottom rung of Maslow’s hierchy of needs tells me one thing.

        Most people don’t seem to be getting enough of what they need, judging by porn traffice etc.

  4. I will await the final “verdict” on this. I want so badly to believe that he is innocent.
    If he is, I will be doubly angry at the woman for bringing this type of accusation as it will further do damage to credability when a woman truly is a victim of this type of harassment etc..
    If he is guilty, I hope his punishment is fair and hope his wife can cope with it.

    Great post. Thanks!
    Patti (Yeshuazgirl)
    THE Eco-Chic Boutique

  5. Great Post! It isn’t really funny either way you look at it. I think though, that we use humor to deal with a lot of things that otherwise would be just too upsetting to deal with. I hope it isn’t true and we can just get back to football. Go Jets!

  6. Mike Kennedy says:

    My prediction:

    The league won’t get to the bottom of this. The woman won’t talk, one way or the other, and Brett will go about his business.

    My second prediction:

    Nothing the league could do will match the price he’ll pay with his wife, who doesn’t strike me as one who will overlook this discretion (if true).

  7. Has Brett become the next Michael Jackson? The go-to-guy for distraction when there’s a big political fiasco or economic mess you need to not think about? Hey, we shouldn’t have gone to war…Mike, why don’t you dangle a baby out the window? Oh look, the economy’s gone to hell…Brett, tell them you’re going to retire again, but then don’t. Oh, better yet, send some inappropriate texts to someone you shouldn’t have. You know what I’m talking about…

  8. It’s impossible to know, at this point, if the allegations are true. Which way the story unfolds will come to light soon. The NFL states they are “aggressively” investigating the woman’s claims.

    What’s kind of odd, in my way of thinking at least, how similar looking the woman and Brett’s wife, Deanna, are. I”m no expert on this stuff but straying guys like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, etc. play the field for women quite different from the one at home.

    Anyone else notice the similarity?

  9. The guy has now thrown for over 70,000 yards and 500 touchdowns, can’t we just forget what happened. Oh wait, did we forget about Tiger Woods crash and burn scenario.

    Either way the media will exploit this like no other.

  10. So Brett apologized to his teammates for being a distraction… No apologies were made when he was actually doing damage–“I’m retired. No wait, I’ll come back after training camp.” Seems to me that one would apologize when actually “guilty.”

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Yes, all crisis-communication specialists out there. Full admission, Letterman style? Denial, Clinton style? Not answering the phone, Tiger style? I kind of think his current elusiveness is working–for now.

  11. There seems to be tremendous inconsistency to the way we view our sports heroes. We treat them like Gods-fame, money, power, prestige. Give them ultimate freedom and power and then we expect them to act like Saints without any accountability. Really? If we paid the president that much, he would have an ethics committee all over his a..! I love Brett. I pray this is slander, but sometimes I think we set these guys up to fail. Unchecked power breeds corruption.

  12. Joe Loveland says:

    I see that the masses are following my call to chill before they pass judgement about the allegations. A Google search of “Favre sexting” yields a scant 1,320,000 items.

  13. Ellen Mrja says:

    Goodell has got to do something with this BUT if and only if there are witnesses to talk to him. My feeling on the “silence” we’re hearing from the young woman and two masseuses is that they may have been..uh..encouraged..not to talk by someone who..uh..would have a lot to lose if this ..uh..doesn’t go away.

    And, by the way, sending porn is illegal. No excuses.

    1. Mike Kennedy says:


      Does what he sent even qualify as porn? A female friend of mine who had a peek said that would be……uh, a generous term.

      There is a good reason I would never do such a thing. I wouldn’t be able to stand the ridicule. Some things should remain out of sight and out of mind.

  14. Mike Kennedy says:


    The Vikes now release Moss after a month?

    The news with this team just gets more weird by the day. What a confused organization, giving up a third round pick for nothing.

  15. Dennis Lang says:

    Lest we forget this subject completely, for anyone interested in how a genuinely graceful writer reports and captures the poetry of a moment in sport check out Jim Souhan in this mornings’ StarTrib.

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