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  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Heck, I’m not a fan of cycling in particular but this is depressing–and I was feeling a mild euphoria over the return of Randy Moss. So, what do you think, given the chance to cheat and improve ourselves is there something in our nature that will enable us to morally justify it? Survival of the fittest afterall. Or our we just beyond morality?

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        Ah… Thanks for asking PM. It is a “designer” blend formulated by my personal chemist. I felt I needed something to head off the inevitable feeling of impending doom over this Yankee series. The good Doctor Stroboscopolis–a notorious 60’s surviver–never fails me.

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      What? “Or ‘our’ we just beyond morality?” What kind of a sentence is that? Doesn’t this thing have an “edit” device of some sort to avoid the humiliation of bad grammar and sloppy spelling? Sorry, and no doubt a comment read and puzzled over by millions.

  2. Ellen Mrja says:

    Hello, gentlemen. I believe our first – and last – mistake is ever looking to an athlete as an expression of “hero.”

    1. Dennis Lang says:

      Seriously, You don’t think there are elements of heroism intrinsic in sport? Or is heroism necessarily conflated with morality, and if it is who are we to pass judgement on the promiscuity and infidelity of Tiger Woods?

  3. To be clear…I don’t really see what is wrong with the current system, other than a need for harsher punishments, basically approaching zero tolerance, that would incentivize the competitors and their sponsors to stay squeaky clean. For cycling, I’d suggest something along the lines of this:

    1. For a first offense, a five-year suspension for the rider AND his team.

    2. For a second offense, permanent suspension for the rider AND his team.

  4. Dear Mr. Souder: Your infatuation with elitist European “sports” such as bicycle riding is well known, and like you I am shocked … stunned and appalled … that these gentlemen have been taking illegal drugs. Previously I thought their worst crime was against common sense fashion — I mean, good lord, those Spandex pants and all those decals.

    Anyway, might I suggest you turn your hero-worshipping gaze away from vaguely fey Euro-whippets and try embracing things more full-throatedly American, like slaughtering birds and deer with finely-tooled, upscale firearms, while wearing a couple thousand dollars worth of Orvis gear?

    1. Sorry, but I only use Italian shotguns and the very best in British, oil-cloth hunting apparel, while my dogs, like my after-the-hunt libations, come strictly from the Scottish highlands.

      But I am happy to move on from cycling. Let’s talk soccer.

      1. Mike Kennedy says:

        Care to comment on the choices for the World Cup?


        FIFA seems as politically corrupt, dopey and oblivious as the IOC.

        Not that I care because I’m not a soccer fan — at least 5 other sports rank higher on my list –maybe more. But guaranteeing sales of more than 5 million tickets and they pass that up in favor of a place where it cooks up to 130 degrees?

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