5 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert “testifies” before Congress: Neither the time nor the place

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    So you don’t think there’s a little Jonathon Swift here, made all the more cutting, ironical–and truthful–in this setting? Colbert is very skilled in making a point. And maybe the best of our politicians in the future will have to be entertainers to capture anyone’s attention.

    1. If I were Colbert, I would have done exactly what he did. He has effectively reinforced the perception that he’s brilliantly witty and funny.

      My problem is with the congressperson who brought him there.

  2. Bruce Benidt says:

    Uncomfortable to watch. But most congressional testimony is stilted crap, as is most talk by congressearthlings. Cornpacking comment was stupid and out of place. But he did a little Swift/Twain thing. May make someone think?

  3. PM says:

    Having organized and sat thru more than my fair share of congressional hearings, I kind of like it.

    i suppose that there are some hearings where surprising information comes to light, but those are pretty rare instances. Most hearings are pretty mundane stuff, all stage managed very carefully to get out a particular message. Real investigations rarely happen at hearings.

    As for Congressional decorum…hah! They take themselves way too seriously as it is!

    This was a stunt, and Colbert carried it off well.

  4. Newt says:

    Colbert’s “testimony” is biting the Democratic Congress in the ass in ways that they never could have imagined.

    Americans see this and quietly seethe in anger – 40 days before the election.

    These morons have it coming.

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