5 thoughts on “Horn-O-Meter Bursts Onto Political Scene

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    A gem! But now I wonder if the frequency of my curious brown-outs here in magical St. Paul correspond to when you folks turn on that contraption.

  2. I wondered about that burning smell from the basement last night, but I figured it was just Lambert again overcooking another grilled cheese sandwich.

    I find that if you spray the punch cards with PAM before feeding them in they don’t create so much friction.

    They taste better too.

    – Austin

    PS – Really nicely done.

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    Maybe the biggest variable impacting whether Horner can win is where he stands in the polls a week or two from Election Day.

    If Horner is competitive in the polls at that point, more people who like him will take the leap of faith to vote for him. If he is 15-20 points behind, fewer people will be willing to leap.

    Horner is 20-points behind now, according to the Survey USA/KSTP-TV poll released yesterday.

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