7 thoughts on “And they said Obama was an exceptional orator

  1. Newt says:

    That was hilarious, and reminiscent of Dwight Schrute’s great oratory to the Paper Salesmen Association of NE Pennsylvannia!

    1. Joe Loveland says:

      Seriously great parallel, Newt. I truly did lol at that. Yet another thing Newt and Loveland agree on. Dwight Schrute is also my sensei. I swear, you and I must have been separated at birth.

      In fact, I have this Schrutism posted prominently in my teen aged son’s room.

      “Before I do anything, I ask myself “would an idiot do that?” And if he would, I do not do that thing.” – Dwight K. Schrute.

      The crystallized wisdom of Schrute often leaves me awestruck.

      1. Dennis Lang says:

        What? Loveland and Newt a left brain-right brain thing. The possibilites are unfathomable and I fear beyond the scope of modern neuro-science. Good find Newt.

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