4 thoughts on “The Annual State Fair News Blackout

  1. PM says:

    I am surprised every year at the vast expanses of spandex on display. Surely spandex is becoming an endangered species?

  2. Fair coverage is indeed idiotic, superficial, meaningless, caloric, cliched, and a damn fine way to end the summer.

    Don’t miss it, don’t even be late.

    You’d rather hear more about the Islamic Center in Manhattan? Or Middle East Peace talks? Has there been any new news in Middle East peace talks since you’ve been alive, Joe?

  3. Joe Loveland says:

    I’m suspecting there might be something else going on in the world besides Mosquegate, but maybe I’m wrong. If there truly is nothing new happening in the world every August, I’d prefer a blank screen with a test pattern to non-stop reruns of Hee Haw.

  4. Joe Loveland says:

    Here’s a sampling of scintillating recent news articles:

    Spotty Cell Service At The Fair – Fox 9 News
    State Fair Virgin Asks Politicians: What Should I Do At Fair? – MinnPost Daily
    Couple Attends Fair Every Year For 72 Years – KEYC
    State Fair Food Holds Up To Inspection – Austin Herald
    4-H At the State Fair – MPR
    Corn Judging At The State Fair – Star Tribune
    Franken Can’t Hide His Love for Corn – Star Tribune
    When It Comes to Butter Carving, There’s No Margin for Error – Wall Street Journal
    State Fair Vendor Selections Are Carefully Reviewed – KARE-TV
    The Giant Slide Brings Simple Fun for 42 Years – St. Paul Pioneer Press
    Minnesota State Fair Traffic Is A Long Wait – KEYC

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