2 thoughts on “Ye Shall Know The Videotape And The Videotape Shall Set Ye Free

  1. Dennis Lang says:

    Hmm…Great clip, but as an pretty unsophisticated voter, I have to think, what politician isn’t “mixed-up”? It’s way too easy to become entirely cynical over the process where even the most courageous, humanitarian of elected officials is destined to be swallowed by the bureaucracy, coming up short on aspirations–or achieving nothing. Observing how the game is played, how these candidates market and attempt persuasion, becomes more intriguing than the substance of the game and its hoped for civic impact. Sad really.

  2. Joe Loveland says:

    New guber poll out.

    Horserace: Emmer down by 9. A month ago, Rasmussen had Emmer down by 4. Horner remains stuck at 10% in this poll.

    Drilling down, there’s an interesting finding: Despite the run of tough press for Emmer, Minnesotans think Dayton and Emmer are about equally “extreme.” 42% say that of Dayton and 40% say it of Emmer.

    (By the way, many maintain that Rassmussen’s findings are consistently more pro-Republican than other major political pollsters.)

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