4 thoughts on “Voting for a Friend, Mammen for School Board

  1. Maren says:

    Thanks, Bruce. Minneapolis school board needs this kind of service. Glad to have a glowing endorsement of a candidate for race I’ve regrettably neglected this term.

  2. Mike Kennedy says:


    Wish I lived there and could vote for him. Nice little story about a guy who sounds like a true winner instead of a whiner.

  3. Dennis McGrath says:

    Bruce: You know Mammen and I have been buds for 35 years or more. I love the guy. So what’d he do, go out and be the TOP vote getter in the whole damned school board race! I couldn’t vot for him because we live in St. P, but grandson Dan, who lives w/us but uses his dad’s address in NE Mpls, made damned sure he went to St. P to cast his vote for Dick. He’ll make a wonderful school board guy — a no bs one.

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