17 thoughts on “Gubernatorializing, from a Fortnight Out.

  1. Newtron says:

    What if they held an election and non one came? That’s what the DFL faces on Aug. 10th.

    How is it possible, with so much perceived public pain, that the DFL produces these three misfits to choose from?

    And with so much at stake for the GOP (a taxapalooza that would make Obama blush), how is it that a stooge like Emmer rises to the top?

    Sioux Falls isn’t looking so bad.

  2. 108 says:

    I’m not even convinced Dayton is a rich guy anymore. The amount of income he’s reported can be generated by somewhat less than $5 mil. Mr. Quam is multiple times wealthier.

    I think it becomes worthy of discussion at some point that a fortune worth tens of millions of dollars was spent substantially on running for office.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, the official reported income is “earned income”. And does not reflect the value of trusts and investments. Please correct me as I’m usually wrong about that stuff.

      1. PM says:

        I think you are right. Further, he would probably also have to include capital gains in that figure, but i imagine his investments might well be lower, so there would be no income when he sells them off–ie, if the Renoir and the Matisse are sold for less than the cost of acquiring them, there is no income from the transaction to report.

        So he could actually have a lot of money and very little income.

        Still, the rumors i have heard is that, as a result of his various political forays, he is probably now a single digit millionaire, rather than a double digit millionaire.

        Still not a bad gig if you can get it….

  3. Sigh, we missed a chance leaving RT on the shelf. He’s got vision, passion, smarts and a great wardrobe.

    I’m a progressive, and Horner looks better to me all the time. He’s an adult, as you say, he’s level-headed, and it would be fun to see how he handles Emmer in a debate. Horner would convince me he’s not just a Republican in Independent’s clothing if he turned to Emmer once and said, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

    Hey, cats don’t have auras? Then what am I seeing?

    1. I’ll vote for Horner if either Entenza or Dayton takes the primary.Tom is what he is, and that’ll be far better than the alternatives.

      As for the auras, Bruce. Have you considered that these might be residual effects … from you know those Dead concerts back in the day?

  4. PM says:

    108: yeah, how much is he willing to spend to get us to say we like him one more time? isn’t there something pathetic about that?

    I got a call last night from OPR, one of the better/more expensive polling firms. No robo callers, a real live guy on the other end WRITING DOWN MY ANSWERS. Not trying to make them fit onto the computer form. Spent 20 minutes talking to me, and finished up by testing a bunch of tag lines for a new series of commercials (“I am going to read you several statements made by supporters of Mark Dayton. Please tell me which ones you find convincing…”). This guy is spending money hand over fist!

    Lambert, i agree with you that Horner’s best shot is a Dayton win on 8/10.

  5. Really? says:

    Really? A taxapalooza? Our state is $7 billion in deficit and the DFL legislature has cut more than Tim Pawlenty for years until he started running for Pres. The legislature is as easily scared as a mouse, but if they propose solving 15% of the deficit with taxes and the rest with cuts, it’s a taxapalooza!?

    What about when Pawlenty “solved” all of our state’s problems with one-time money and cost shifts that put our debt rating in jeopardy? What about Pawlenty cutting LGA and education so much that property taxes now exceed income taxes for the first time in fifteen years? Would that be a dump-all-responsibilitypalooza or a property-tax-WoodStock?

    1. by pure coincidence I read newtron’s “taxapalooza” post minutes before reading this from Steve Pearlstein of the Washington Post (which, Newt, is NOT NewsMax or FoxNews).


      Key passage:

      When all else fails, the last refuge for the anti-tax crowd is to claim that raising the top tax rate reduces employment because that is the rate paid by many small businesses — which, according to Republican myth, create all new jobs. In fact, fewer than 3 percent of tax returns with business income fall into the top brackets. And even for those, it’s hard to understand why a profitable company, seeing an opportunity to expand, would forgo hiring because the profits generated by new workers would be taxed at 40 percent rather than 35 percent.

  6. The DFL super delegates had their plan in place for MAK before the state convention even started. The whisper campaign had RT Rybeck as anti-labor. Marty and Rukavina pretty much went along with the plan when they were voted out. As it turns out again — the DFL endorsement is the kiss of death. MAK is the 2010 Roger Moe. Maybe it is time for the DFL machine to represent the people — not the super delegates who are bad “deciders”. I expect Dayton to win in the primary and who knows in the general election. RT Rybeck would have been an “excellent choice.”

  7. PM says:

    So, does the Strib article on Hahn make Emmer and the rest look better (only whackos would want to run for Governor), or does it help the relatively normal ones?

    1. … and “the relatively normal” would be … Kelliher and Horner, I guess? I still think that if turn-out is in the 15% range, the old folks who revere the Dayton name will turn out and vote him in.

  8. Dennis Lang says:

    I know I’m a lousy and lazy citizen for being interminably bored with local politics almost as much as whether or not Terrell Owens ever plays football again. But I love reading Brian Lambert! A wonderful addition to the Crowd roster. Whatever he comes up with is written with a vibrant, inventive flourish. Big things should be expected for the boy. Nice work.

  9. Newt says:

    How about Grandpa Mondale? You guys whipped him out after the Wellstone tragedy. He’d make a perfect DFL governor.

    1. PM says:

      Absolutely! As soon as all of our guys/gals get disqualified due to airplane crashes or being caught fondling little girls in swimming pools, we can get right on that one.

      Heck, given the shifts that have taken place by the parties, maybe we should see if we can nominate Arne Carlson? he would probably qualify as a centrist democrat now…

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